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10 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

After my first viewing of the film with a packed crowd at the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear I didn't think the film could actually get any better. But amazingly this film has managed to grow on me even more so. I think I went in with the mindset that this was going to be a straight up throw back to the slashers of the 80s. It is really more of a homage to those films with some comedy mixed in. So I felt like I had been misled so it left a little sour taste in my mouth I think. I loved the film I just didn't like the advertising route they took. Now that I knew what I was getting into I was prepared to buckle down for a rip roaring good time with blood, boobs, and some great comedy.

Hatchet is the tale of a young disfigured little boy who is picked on by all his peers. One day his house caught on fire by a couple of local kids who were pestering him. When Victor Crowley's father arrived home he tried to kick in the door to save him but the door wouldn't budge. So he grabbed a hatchet and began hacking away at the door. What his father didn't know is that he was pressed up against the other side of the door and when the hatchet went through the door it hit Victor right in the head. Now the legend says if you go through the swamps late at night you can hear Victor crying for his father.

That legend is the backdrop for a tourist group who are on there way through the swamps on a ghost tour. Of course things take a VERY bad turn for the worst. The woods are his territory and when there tour boat breaks down they are forced to park it on the side of the swamp river and wander the woods to find their way home. Victor makes sure they won't make it back home unless its in a body bag.

Long story short it doesn't sound that original but what makes it so fantastic is the comedic timing and by far the inventive kills. When you have Kane Hodder playing your killer and FX guru John Carl Buechler on your team, its gonna get interesting. If you love slashers with tons of boobs, gore and kills this is the flick for you. Since I have already done a review of the film already I am going to give you a basic review of the Unrated DVD being released by Anchor Bay.

The commentary track includes Adam Green, Will Barratt, Tamara Feldman, Joel David Moore and Deon Richmond. Luckily they are not all on at once and for the most part it is a really good commentary track. I would have loved if Adam Green had his own private track to talk more about financing the film and all that filmmaker stuff but for an everyday fan this track will be perfect because its just all of them sitting around and having a good time watching the movie and reminiscing.

The Making of Hatchet feature is great. You get to hear from everyone involved and a lot of talk about tricks being played on cast members is shown which is great. They really went all out on this feature and its nice to see. Meeting Victor Crowley is very cool with Kane Hodder and Adam Green talking about the character of "Hatchet Face". Guts & Gore is another decent feature that goes over all the different kills and how they worked them out. They mention that almost every single person on set had something to do with the blood. Anatomy of a Kill basically breaks down one of the kills in the movie rather nicely. They show the camera tricks and how the prosthetic was actually made. The last featurette is probably the one I had been waiting to see for the longest time. It is A Twisted Tale which is the story of how Director Adam Green met Dee Snider. I had heard the story before but it is broken down really nicely in this feature and even goes into much more detail in this feature. Of course the disc also includes a gag reel and some trailers.

Now the version I saw before the film actually hit theaters I was told was the theatrical cut. I have no idea why they would show us a Cut version at a convention but they did. Anyway honestly if you saw the same "cut" version I did there isn't too much extra here. A couple extra blows here and there and squirts of blood but not enough to make a noticeable difference.

Overall I have to say that every horror fan needs to pick this up when it hits. I can guarantee this will be on everyones top 10 list this year. A great movie with a pretty impressive DVD to boot. There is already some talk over a Hatchet 2 so be sure to pick up a copy so we can push for it to be made. Hopefully we will have a new slasher franchise on our hands.

- Luke Franklin 

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