Boy Eats Girl DVD Review

6 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

Zombie films have been done to death so the only way to really stand out is to do something totally different. We have seen every kind of zombie film possible. Whether they come back for no particular reason, voodoo or some weird chemical spill bringing the zombies to the screen has been a popular thing to do. To be honest I would be fine if I didn't see a new zombie film for a long time. Boy Eats Girl just happens to be another zombie film that tries to be funny and provide some nice gore for the real horror fans. Did they pull it off?

The story is about a young teenager who is going on hard times. He is in love with a girl who he is afraid does not feel the same way about him. So after feeling like crap because of the way he is treated at school and everything else around him he accidentally commits suicide. The next morning he wakes up like nothing happens but he feels a little odd. As it turns out his mother has been messing around with voodoo and brought her son back to life but she forgot a part of the spell that was crucial to bring him all the way back. This error has turned her son into a semi conscious zombie.

The problem with this film is that it is not funny. The jokes just do not work and now I can see why it has taken so long to get this movie to the states. It also explains why this movie didn't get a theatrical release. Another element of the film that wore on me was the heavy handed romantic side of the film. A emo kid in love with Samantha Mamba gets a little old after they keep hitting on the story time and time again. I think it was the intent to make this a date movie with something for the girls and something for the guys.

What almost saved this movie was the gore. It is absolutely fantastic and is absolutely the best stuff throughout the entire movie. Without the great FX Boy Eats Girl would have without a doubt gotten a much lower rating. The gore is the one reason I am recommending that you go ahead and actually check this one out. There is one scene in particular that really sticks out with Samantha Mamba. It brings me back to Evil Aliens and Dead Alive type gore. Mamba jumps on top of a tractor and goes to town ripping up zombies. Blood flies through the air with limbs flying all over. If you like zombies and gore you will at least want to check out this scene once.

BUT like I said earlier the jokes are just never really laugh out loud funny. A couple of genuine moments that you might kind of crack a smile but I felt myself shaking my head most of the time. Some of the jokes you can see coming from a mile away which makes them one of those head shaking jokes I mentioned above. Unfortunately the entire beginning of the film is just jam packed with "comedy" and the horror elements do not come in until the final 30 minutes.

The DVD itself doesn't really have much to offer but then again, I don't think there is too much I wanted to get from this movie. You can watch a behind the scenes featurette on the film which talks about what they were going for with the project. Of course they talk to all the actors, the director and screenwriter. Overall I can say if you rent this one grab some beers and do a little commentary of your own in the beginning and then indulge in the special FX at the end.

- Luke Franklin

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