Deep Rising Review

9 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

This movie i bought for $3.99 in a "shit pile". Err I mean "Discount Bin". This movie is even better then painting Deadmanwalkin black and throwing him into a KLAN meetin. Seriously its more fun then a bumpkin eating bread with no teeth!

The movie concept is a ship captain who runs jobs without questions takes a group of mercenaries to take over a cruise ship only to discover its already been taken over.. as they say thats when the shit hits the fan. and the blood, brains, internal goo and more! woo hoo!

The movie is easily one of the best sci-fi action flicks with Treat Williams playing the pirate captain with a heart and his crew of ragabands. The hot asian chick, the dorky geek , and their crew of rough and tough mercenary clients. The movie is fast moving, packed full of gunplay and has some sweet CGI and Special FX. Any movie that people injested and digested alive on the screen is well worth watching to me.

So on the "deadman is a bitch but this site rocks" meter, this movie rates a 9 for sure!

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