White Noise 2 Review

9 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

White Noise 2 is one of those movies that initially made  me shake my head and think WOW yet another straight to dvd lame sequel. Then I saw Nathan Fillion from Firefly and Slither was in it and thought it cant be all bad if he is in it. I managed to get my hands on an early copy of the dvd and I am very pleased to say that this movie was not a stinker and actually managed to exceed the first film on many angles. This is not White Noise 2. It is a different take on the same concept but it is far from 'a guy staring at a tv looking for dead people' like the first one was. I enjoyed the first film but you cant just do that over again, throw a 2 on the DVD Box and expect to succeed. I am happy to say the director and production team realized that and didnt insult us with a lame sequel.

In White Noise 2 A man's family is murdered and he (Nathan Fillion ) is brought back from the brink of death and discovers he can now see when people are going to die. As he helps save these people he soon discovers that their are consequences.. evil ones.

I dont want to spoil the movie for you but I can say without question if you enjoyed the first White Noise you will without question like this one and perhaps you will be like me and enjoy it even more then the first one. This movie is not about cliche boo's and scares it has some truly fantastic writing that twists, turns and comes together in a neat little package in the final scenes and impressed the hell out of me. I have never seen such effort on a direct to dvd sequel in the writing department.

The film although creepy is far from gruesome but it does have some damn cool FX and a few creepy shots and plenty of dead people to pop in from time to time and make you jump. The movie is PG13 but I think its a PG13 that works. It relies on great writing, good direction and great acting to tell a supernatural tale that has an outcome that is unclear till the end. I am one of those people that can usually guess where a movie is going 5minutes into it and its annoying. It was a nice treat to be entertained for a change and have a roller coaster ride as the story unfolded, but did so in a fashion that made sense. If you like supernatural thrillers with great writing, good direction and a talented cast White Noise 2 is for you! I highly reccomend it especially if you saw and thought the first one was even mildly entertaining!

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