The Attic (2006) DVD Review

5 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

I have always held Mary Lambert in very high regard for her direction of one of the most terrifying films I have ever seen, Pet Sematary. It is the film that made a profound impact on me as a kid and is probably one of the single most reasons why I am still a die hard horror fan. I have always tried to find something that could truly haunt me like the images that transpired in Pet Sematary. Lambert though continued to struggle after making Pet Sematary and went on to direct the sequel, Urban Legends 3 and now The Attic.

The story creates many problems coupled with the fact that this was a very low budget production. Rather than using film to shoot this movie they decided to go with DV which works for many indie films but in this film it just doesn't help the production at all. This film needed to be rough around the edges. Maybe they should have went in and digitally did some things to the footage but I'm not even sure if that alone would have saved this film from itself.

The story begins with a young girl in the bath who is being stalked by a mysterious figure in her house. Soon it is lights out and a number of years later Emma and her family decide to move into the place. As soon as she arrives things begin to go wrong and she develops a fear of leaving her home. This point almost seemed like a budgetary choice rather than an actual vital point of the story. So we are stuck in this house with Emma who is constantly being haunted by someone who looks just like her. Soon she enrolls the help of a local detective who she becomes romantically involved with to help her figure out what is going on with her house.

Well this is probably one of the most predictable films I have seen in quite some time. Usually that does not bother me however as long as the film is fun. But this movie really tries to be moody and atmospheric almost to the point where it gets annoying. Every 5 seconds we are reminded that Emma will not go outside. I think they could have thought of a much more inventive way to keep Emma inside the house other than giving her some phony phobia. She keeps repeating that she has to figure out what is wrong with the house before she can leave. Well doesn't she stand a better chance of finding out more info on the house at say the local library?

Overall the film just lacks any kind of real scares. The effects are shoddy, the editing is choppy, and the plot is too predictable. The cast was probably the only really good thing in this film. Had they been given something to work with I think this film could have really been something and possibly been a nice comeback for Lambert. Unfortunately as it stands I can't even recommend this one as a rental unless you want to waste an hour and a half of your life.

- Luke Franklin

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