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9 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

100 Tears was easily one of my most anticipated films last year. When the news first broke about the film with the bad ass clown donning the poster I knew I would be in for one helluva ride. I have to admit however that after hearing that they were going to make it into a kind of crime drama my interest did waiver. I have seen many indie films go down hill when they throw that element into the fold. This was all coupled with the fact that I began to think that the film may be going to dark. Sometimes directors think they need to make the sickest most outrageous film out there and they feel the need to make it downbeat. Lucky for us, I was completely wrong about all of the fears I had going into this one.

The story revolves around Mark and Jennifer, two reporters from a tabloid paper. They are sitting around trying to figure out what they should cover next when Jennifer brings up the "Teardrop Killer". Apparently there have been some strange murders going on in which they only find a bloody teardrop drawn on the wall. From there they begin their journey into the wild world of Gurdy the clown and his homicidal tendencies.

Joe Davison is a guy to keep your eye on. His portrayal of Mark was fantastic and truly laugh out loud funny. Not only that but he also wrote the script for the film which was amazingly well written. The dialogue is so great and spot on that you will find yourself quoting lines from the film after only watching the film once! Of course everything couldn't have been executed as well without Markus Koch behind the camera making sure everything was running smoothly. Koch also played double duty handling most of the special FX as well.

Speaking of special FX, if you are into slasher films with a high body count than this is the film for you. With over 30 kills in this movie you will be hard pressed to find another that comes close to that number. Sure they are out there but nowadays, especially in the slasher genre it doesn't seem to be given much thought. Not only is the body count high but the way people are being taken out left and right by the ominous Gurdy the Clown is always entertaining.

I was never that much a fan of comedy mixing it up with horror, especially in a slasher film. But Koch has somehow managed to really take both elements of the film and give them a distinct place in the whole scheme of things. The deaths are not punch lines and are still gruesome and plenty bloody. The comedy is really just a relief from all of the dark aspects of the film that never misses a beat. With all the carnage that goes on in this crazy slasher that without some kind of release it would become another down trodden indie flick.

Clever dialogue, some seriously bloody kills, a high body count and one of the coolest looking killers since Jason hit the screens makes this flick a must see for horror fans. If Hatchet wasn't what you were hoping to revive the classic slasher genre than this is definitely for you. Unfortunately there is still no word on any kind of distribution for the film in place but I've been told they are hard at work getting that fixed. So keep your eyes out for this flick because this is one you are not going to want to miss out on.

- Luke Franklin

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