Blood Car (2007) Review

7 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: jmh314   

Originality isn't a word that seems to come with a lot of horror films these days. It seems that we have been stuck in the land of remakes, sequels, and pure pointless horror films over the last few years. While there are some good films to come out, they are often the films you wouldn't expect to really enjoy. In this category comes Blood Car, a very low budget indie film that was very enjoyable because it was different. It tackled a current economic issue and used it to create a unique and sometimes funny horror film. While not your typical horror film it does everything it can to stand on it's own and creates a very unique horror film experience in the process.

Blood Car's story is actually very simple. In the VERY near future, gas prices have risen to such an astronomical level that no one can afford to run their cars anymore. Archie is a school teacher who's all about saving the animals, saving the environment and doing the right thing. His dream is to get his car up and running and has been working on a prototype engine that runs on wheat grass juice but hasn't had any success with it.

Archie's supply of wheat grass juice comes from Lorraine who runs the health food stand in town. Lorraine has a little bit of a sexual crush on Archie and would do anything for him. Opposite of Lorraine is Denise who runs the meat stand across from the veggie stand. She doesn't have a crush on Archie, but will do anything for a guy with a running car if you get my drift. Fortunately for Archie, he doesn't seem to notice either as he is to preoccupied with trying to get his wheat grass motor up and running.

One day after getting frustrated on the motor, Archie throws a fit and cuts his hand in the process. His blood drips into the motor and the motor miraculously begins to run. He is so happy that he got his motor running, he doesn't dare tell Lorraine that it doesn't run on wheat grass. So when Archie pulls up to the veggie stand Lorraine is thrilled, as is Denise. Archie gives Denise a ride at her request only to get a little bit of a sexual favor in return. Archie soon begins to realize the benefits of having a car and will stop at nothing to keep his car running. Unfortunately for Archie this means he may have to give up his animal rights and love all beings personality behind in order find enough blood to keep his car running.

The story for Blood Car is unlike any other. It blends some really hilarious moments well with the horror elements of Archie having to possible kill animals or people to fuel his car. Most of the hilarious moments come as Archie struggles with trying to find blood and his mental breakdowns as he is forced to break the standards by which he lives.

The acting is fairly decent. The only name you may recognize is Anna Chlumsky of My Girl fame. She plays Lorraine very well. Her unexpressed sexual desire for Archie is sometimes humorous. Mike Brune plays Archie and was a great choice for the role. His internal struggles throughout his pursuit to keep the car running are often times hilarious because of Mike's actions and responses to them.

The gore isn't extreme but there is enough blood and meet chunks to satisfy most horror movie fans. Director Alex Orr did a great job of keeping the mix of horror and comedy without having to push the gore envelope. Sometimes a film like this that revolves around blood is an excuse for a director to pile on the gore but Alex kept it to what was necessary to make the story believable. He never took it over the top and that I think is a major achievement for this film.

Blood Car at times can be a little slow movining and even a little repetitive near the end but it sitll is good for some laughs and thrills. Seeing Archie struggle to keep blood in his car is great and his solutions are often hilarious. This whole film was something the only the indie horror market could create as nothing like this could ever succeed as a major studio film. Because of it's low budget the film is able to steer clear of the dangers of going "over the top" and keeps the horror elements inline with what you would expect from the storyline. If you want some laughs, a little blood and whole different horror experience, I recommend giving this little indie horror a chance.

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