Tooth & Nail DVD Review

1 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

Its really tough to take a great premise and ruin the movie. Ok so no its not and that is proven quite clearly with Tooth & Nail. Great premise, great story angle, reasonable cinematic values, terrible movie.
In Tooth & Nail a small group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world take refuge in an empty hospital with plans on re-building society.  They rescue a young girl who is the victim of a brutal attack, but soon discover that they were followed by a savage band of cannibals known as Rovers. The Rovers begin to kill them one by one, and the trapped survivors must find a way to outwit their stalkers.
Putting your finger on what is wrong with this movie is tough. The story moves in a jaunted un-believable way with characters that just don make sense. Right down to a final face off sequence that  I assume is supposed to be intense but is just laughable. I wish I could really nail what went so horribly wrong in this film. The cast is reasonable and includes Michael Madsen, not that you would know since the way you find out is his sudden appearance about half way through the movie. Great story, reasonable acting that is poorly executed and quickly becomes laughable and far from scary. I would say this is a definite pass for all involved. I love apocalyptic tales and even love indie films but I couldnt even find anything to love about this film. It was cliche, and poorly executed and as mentioned sometimes laughable.
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