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9 out of 10 Skulls
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Director Maurice Devereaux has been on my list of people to keep a close eye on after I saw his much smaller film $la$her$. After I saw that film I was amazed at what he was able to pull off with such a small amount of money and time. My mind was swimming with what he could do given a little more money and time. It has been awhile but Devereaux finally finished up his next feature End of the Line. This was my chance to see if he was the real deal or a flash in the pan. Was $la$her$ just a fluke or does he really have the talent to hopefully make it big?

The film follows Karen, a nurse who works at a psychiatric ward as she is trying to make her way home from a long shift at work. She heads down into the subway  tunnels where she has a rather unsettling encounter with a young man. But not before she is saved by an admirer. Soon they get on the train and start up a conversation together when something goes wrong with the train and it makes an unscheduled stop on the tracks. Everyone on the train is worried and not sure exactly what is going on. Then out of the silence a beeper can be heard sounding from several Church goers riding the subway. Once they check the message they begin to go stark raving mad and pull out swords, daggers and any other weapons they can find. They declare that demons are coming and that the end of the world is near. Are they right or is this just a fanatical religious group?

Right from the outset of this film I could tell the director had taken everything he had learned from shooting his previous film into this one. He also managed to bring in some of the different aspects of his other film into this one as well. Once again the setting was great. Even though the entire film takes place almost entirely in the subway you get the feeling that this is much bigger than that.

The cast was also very sharp in this entry. Neil Napier was a carry over from his previous film but when you see this guy on camera you can see why. Oddly enough I even recognized Tim Rozon from a small part he had in a television series Instant Star. But I have to say I was most impressed with the lead actress Ilona Elkin. Because she has the most screen time she wasn't always on top of her game but was able to really sell the scares. Robin Wilcock's character seemed to mirror a very similar character in Maurice's previous film, Michael Gibbons played by Kieran Keller. This of course could just be coincidence however that they seem so similar.

The effects in End of the Line are really great. Some of them will probably really gross you out. I was caught off guard in a scene where a young pregnant woman has her baby removed from her womb in order to save her and her child. Then the whole family is laid out together all covered in their own blood. It was just one of those moments that you never expect to see. Of course, many more scenes of gore are sprinkled throughout including an insane decapitation.

It is unfortunate that this film did not get released prior to The Mist which has hit on several of the religious themes that are present in the film. The kind of blind following of a group of people. However this movie does bring up several questions that you begin to ask yourself. It opens up a lot of dialog about religion in general and of course makes you look around and really wonder, "Who is right?".

I sincerely hope this film gets picked up by a distributor soon. It deserves a good release with a studio that will do more than just dump it on DVD. Another solid film from Devereaux but this one is much more on the side of a serious horror flick. I loved Slashers because of the originality and that it was just a fun movie. End of the Line is a movie of a completely different level. Leaps ahead of his previous film it tackles religion in an entertaining and fantastical way. Keep an eye out for this film. You do not want to miss this.

- Luke Franklin

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