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9 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

I went into this film having just seen the directors work on The Eye. Now The Eye is one of the worst films I have seen this year but I knew this film had to be something else for Hollywood to pick these guys up. I also did not know much about this going in. All I knew was the title and a very broad synopsis of what was going to happen. I enjoy diving into movies that have a lot of hype without knowing too much about them. It just makes finding a really fantastic film that much more enjoyable or if in some cases if it is a let down you don't feel so bad for falling for the hype.

The story begins as a young mother and daughter are on their way home one night in the family vehicle. During a little scuffle the mother takes her eyes off the road for a split second and when she looks back something darts into the road causing her to swerve off the road into a pole. Whatever was in the road has decided to take a little revenge on the family and neither leave the scene alive.

Enter our main characters Clementine and Lucas, our young couple who have just picked up a little home that is out in the woods away from the noise of the city. One night after eating supper and watching a little TV they head up to bed. Then Clementine wakes up to the noises of an intruder. She immediately wakes up Lucas who heads down to find out what is going on. From that moment it becomes a game of cat and mouse with the intruders and the family.

You know when you pick up a DVD with all those outrageous one liners? Well in the case of Them, they are all true. Once this film grabs you it never lets go until the credits roll. I have always felt that the films that really scare you are the ones that effect you after the film is over. When you get home and lay in your bed, this movie will be playing over in your head and that is really what is scary about this film.

Who the intruders are however is the big kicker. I don't want to ruin it for you because it is the best part by far and is a real shocker. Another aspect of this story that makes it truly effective is that it is inspired by true events that happened in Bucharest. With that thought in the back of your mind it really creates for some very intense moments in the film.

The strongest aspect by far of this film is the acting and the writing. The actors were absolutely dedicated one hundred percent and the script is what made the characters so real. They are me and you, just average people living out their lives when one night they are living in the wrong home. Which like I have said again and again is something that happens to people everywhere. There is not much you can do when you are the subject of an anonymous violent crime.

The music throughout the movie is brilliant and adds to the intensity of every scene. It makes the atmosphere of the film even more fearsome. The composer allows the house to become a character in the film as well. It is a large old wooden home out in the woods and with the creepy score accompanying it, the house becomes much more than that. It sets the tone for the whole film. Each room of the home becomes a small death trap for the couple which they realize maybe a little too late.

The DVD from Dark Sky Films has a great amount of special features included. The first featurette is a nice little look behind the scenes. This is where we get to see the real work that all of the actors and crew put all the blood, sweat and tears into the film. The next feature is a small look behind the music involved. A nice look at the composer and how he assembled the score. The last featurette is a small look at one of the final scenes of the movie with Clementine.

Overall I have to say this is a film you need in your collection. It's not often that I say this is a must for a horror fan but this film definitely falls into that category. If you haven't seen this film yet or have passed by it on the shelves go back and pick it up.

- Luke Franklin 

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