Dance of the Dead (2008) Review

7 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

Prior to watching this film I had heard absolutely nothing bad about it. Everyone was tagging this film a cult classic and something that every horror fan would love to see. So of course I was pretty excited to check this one out first hand. After I finished watching the movie and began checking out the special features I realized that the film was also directed by Gregg Bishop. The same guy who directed The Other Side another film that I really enjoyed. So did the flick live up to all of the hype? Read on.

The film has a very basic plot that I am really surprised no one has really done before.. or well totally exploited before. Basically a bunch of kids who are planning on attending the school prom or decided not to go at all are forced to team up when zombies begin to invade their little town. Soon they realize that they must head to the Prom to save all of there school mates before it is too late for them. On their way however they run into plenty of zombies and meet up with some other survivors who are willing to lend a helping hand.

Now I am a really big zombie fan and I always love a good zom com but this turned into one of the most over hyped films I have seen in quite some time. It is good but not nearly good enough to get such high praise. But that's not to say it isn't good either. One reason I can honestly say that this didn't deserve such high marks is that we had seen almost every thing in this film before. So for it to be unique would be quite a stretch. So temper your expectations and pay no attention to the quotes on the box and I am sure you will have a great time.

Probably one of the most memorable parts of the film takes place in the graveyard. Gregg Bishop talks about this scene in the special features and it is very impressive. The kids are running through the graveyard and zombies begin shooting out from under the ground. Literally shot out from their graves and into the sky then land and keep on running after the kids. It looks impressive and was something that Gregg Bishop wouldn't compromise on.

Despite the fact that I thought it was vastly overrated I still think it is worthy to be checked out. Gregg Bishop always sets out to make a film that is really FX heavy and he always pulls out somehow with a very unique look. The way he utilizes CGI is something that sets him apart as a filmmaker. It is something that he employs to give himself a unique stamp on every single film that he has done. Of course its only two now but even looking back at his short film from College which is included on this DVD you could tell he was a great story teller as well.

Zombie fans will love this flick which I think will fit nicely with other zom coms like Night of the Living Dorks and Boy Eats Girl. As mentioned above you won't see anything new here but it makes for some good watching. It should also be noted that Gregg Bishop is someone you should really keep an eye out for. I hope that soon he gets the budget he needs to make a big picture because he sure has a ton of talent.

- Luke Franklin

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