Cold Prey Review

8 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

Had a chance to finally checkout a screener copy of Cold Prey aka Fritt Vilt that I have been meaning to watch for at least a week. I was not at all dissapointed with what I saw. Cold Prey is a foreign film which brings the demented killer to the mountains and although the body count is not as high as some killers... it is definitely full of suspense and thrills. It also teaches this band of victims why there is Mountain Rule #7: Never Go Alone.

In search for an unexplored mountain a group of friends go on a snowboard trip in Jotunheimen. After an accident the group have to search for cover at an abandoned hotel. Down in the basement they find stacks of things and personal belongings that nobody would voluntarily leave behind. The group will eventually discover dangers in the mountain that no mountain rule could prepare them for...

The film which is sub-titled is one of the few films that has managed to make me laugh, shudder and fast forward to avoid some disgusting impromptu surgery all in one film. It combines great writing that transcends the language barrier with some serious suspense and although not gorey... some vicious kills.

The whole idea of taking a killer into the mountains is genius because really how do you get away? The way the film is shot and where it was shot you feel both cold and isolated while watching the film and know from the beginning that survival from this killer is extremely unlikely. I think that anyone who enjoys a good slasher flick will enjoy this movie. Although it does not bring alot of new things it does follow the traditional slasher formula well and delivers 90minutes of fun and carnage for horror fans. A rent at the very least!  

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