42nd Street Forever Vol 4 Review

9 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

Synapse Films have once again put together another entry into their 42nd Street Forever collection. This time it's "Cooled by Refrigeration" which if you want to know the meaning of it is revealed at the end of the commentary of the disc. Its actually a pretty funny little inside joke to anyone who follows grindhouse films and the actual theaters. I was under the impression that these discs would soon get a little boring because really how many trailers can you get? Well apparently we have only seen the tip of the ice berg because if I can be so bold this is my favorite entry yet.

Once again Synapse really went out of their way to put together a fantastic little volume jam packed with grindhouse goodness. Trailers ranging from Uli Lommels The Boogeyman to The Chicken Chronicles. Admittedly I wasn't in love with every trailer on some of the previous entries.. or even whole sections but this one is a different story. Of course not every trailer is out of this world but each one does seem to have a lot of history behind it which you can learn all about by turning on the commentary track.

Another of my favorite additions to the 42nd Street DVD's is the inclusion of a commentary track with some very knowledgeable guys. Fangoria's Managing Editor Michael Gingold, film historian Chris Poggiali and AVManiacs editor Edwin Samuelson all lend their expertise to the commentary. Sometimes just listening to these guys rattle off facts will make your head explode but at least your learning something right? Not to mention that they often let you know in what capacity a film may be available in. Always a plus especially if you see a trailer that really catches your interest.

Oddly enough in this entry they included a couple trailers for films that had finally seen a DVD release. Films like Lucio Fulci's The Psychic and Simon - King of the Witches. The only real fault I can find to this entry in particular is that I wish the trailers were longer so that the guys behind the commentary could school me a bit more about each film. So if you really love grindhouse or just want a really cool DVD to pop into your player at a party this is a must have. I would also suggest going back and picking up the previous discs as well. Trust me they are worth it.

- Luke Franklin

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