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5 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: jmh314   

Havent I seen this before?  Thats what I was thinking throughout my entire experience with Amusement.  It was a lot different than I expected but felt too much like many other films.  It's recipe felt like is was made with a big scoop of Valentine, a dash of Joy Ride, a pinch of When a Stranger Calls, a hint of Halloween, and slice of Saw.  In the end all these flavors didnt add up to anything than an average experience it was all said and done. 

Amusement's story is actually told in 4 parts.  The first three vignettes revolve around the separate stories of childhood friends, Shelby, Tabitha, and Lisa.  They havent seen each other in years but each one of them has had some sort of tragic occurrence that unknowingly will bring them back together.  Shelby's story has her returning from a vacation with her boyfriend when they join up with a convoy that turns out to be more dangerous than a drunk driver.  In Tabitha's story, she is babysitting her Aunt's boys only to have an intruder threaten their well being.  And Lisa's story show's her in search for her missing friend which leads her to a very old hotel run by an eccentric innkeeper. 

These stories show us the tragic events that have left Tabitha in need of trauma therapy at which time we learn how the girls are connected and who is after them.  Soon these girls will be reunited in order to fight of an escaped mental patient who has a childhood grudge with all three women.  Can they remember their past and pull together to fight off a killer who is just looking for a little amusement?

The problem I have with the stories of Amusement is that they arent very entertaining.  The middle vignette with Tabitha is the only one that is interesting and kept me in suspense, but the other two are rather flat.  After these stories are over and we get to the end section, things become so highly implausible that its hard to find anything to enjoy about the finale. 

The story has so many holes and so many parts that I just felt were unrealistic that it was tough to swallow.  The script it self is alright but the story just doesnt flow and leaves a lot to second guess.  The actors do what they can to move things along but cant save the fickle ideas.  Katheryn Winnick is good in her role as Tabitha.  She has the creepiest of the vignettes and her character is very likable.  She plays the type of character that its hard not to have a crush on and root for. It doesnt hurt that she is very easy on the eyes and almost had an innocent Scarlett Johansson quality to her.

Keir O'Donnell plays the creepy villain very well even though he doesnt have much to say.  His laugh for sure was eerie and this could of been a great role, unfortunately the writing caused his character to really fizzle out.  The whole ending I  wondered how this creepy character was able to track down these girls and construct these events when he has been in an asylum his whole life.  Its a shame that he couldnt expand this role because of the far fetched nature of the shoddy writing because the character could really have been interesting.

Overall, Amusement didnt do very much to amuse me.  Its not he clown movie it was billed to be as that is only one of the short vignettes with the girls.  The other two stories were nothing to shake a stick at and the ending just left me saying "bullshit" to most of it.  The final twist again was implausible and I would love to discuss the problems I had with it here but dont want to spoil things for those who havent seen it.  I can see this being a movie that some people really enjoy but for me I just found the stories to be boring and not really flow well together.   I wanted to like it more than I  did because it had great potential but in the end the only thing amusing about Amusement was the lovely Katheryn Winnick and the all the plot holes that made me shake my head. 
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