Amusement Review

4 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

Amusement is a well shot film that has a great cast of unknowns that will spend the first half of the film impressing you and the last 1/4 of it making you wonder what the hell is going on and wishing you had not lost the remote in the cracks of your couch.

A traumatized woman is questioned by a cop and a psychiatrist about three stories involving a clown, a hotel and a convoy, that involve her and two of her female friends from childhood.

The movie starts off as an anthology and reminds me of CreepShow only with far superior production values. The stories are pretty cool and as noted the acting is well done as well. Each story is well put together, creepy and definitely alot of fun. The film for the most part is quite tame with some small points where it gets a big bloody. The big shame for this movie is when it decides its not an anthology but in fact its a big story that is all tied together with each charcter being connected to the last leading up to a great big grand finale.

The problem is the big grand finale is so stupid and such a stretch it is both insulting to the viewer and effectively destroys what could have been a pretty interesting anthology. If you are going to watch this film then I would suggest you want to watch the first 3/4's of it and then tune out completely. By tune out I mean turn it off. Were it not for the ludicrous and really stupid ending where it all got 'tied together' I would have given this movie a 7 out of 10. The ending and the weak attempt at tieing the really well done anthologies into some kind of SAW'esque twist ending was so weak and so lame it destroyed what could have been a pretty cool flick.

I give them credit for trying to do something unique but I question how anyone thought the final product was a good product. With editing this could have been great. Had they of dropped the stupid tie together ending and instead shot another anthology this could have been a very cool film. Instead its a very cool start to a film. Rent it to watch the first half but be prepared for the ending to let you down.

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