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7 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

I began following this film way before it even hit theaters in its homeland, Norway. From what I had seen it looked like it was going to be a very strong outing and one that might get the horror industry rolling in a country that had never previously been known for horror. That is a trend that is happening everywhere now with several other countries finally recognizing horror and putting themselves on the map with some great product. So would Cold Prey or Fritt Vilt live up to it's huge expectations? Read on to find out..

The film begins in Norway during Easter and it is a tradition to head up to the slopes to have some fun for the weekend. So a couple of snowboarders decide that this year they don't want to deal with tourists and crowded lifts. They want to experience the mountains alone and be able to shred all day without any interruptions. Finally they reach their destination way out in the middle of nowhere with just miles and miles of mountains and nothing else. All is good as they begin their first descent down the mountain side when all of a sudden one of them slips up and brakes his leg, badly. They realize there isn't help for miles but to their surprise they spot a little group of buildings. They bring their injured friend over on a sled and begin to settle in on what turns out to be the last night of their life as a psychopathic drifter begins disposing of them one by one.

What struck me about this movie after I watched it was really that it doesn't have any real mystery behind it. If you don't know who the killer is after the opening credits you really must be an idiot and at the end the reveal isn't that much of a pay off. It would have made for a much better film if they had kept some aspects of the film in the dark longer than they did or somehow change that storyline around a bit more than they did. So from the beginning you already know who the killer is and you should know that most if not all of the kids are gonna die at some point. But despite some of the flaws I still came out really enjoying this film.

The killer is a huge brute with a huge winter suit on and a pick axe which he wields with deadly precision. The body count is not as high as I usually like but rather than filling a bunch of body bags they focus more on the characters so that you feel more for them when they finally meet their untimely demise. It works well and the writers did a fantastic job of creating some great moments between both the characters and the killer with the characters.

An aspect I didn't plan on mentioning in this review was the CGI effects until I saw the special feature on the DVD about them. There was several of them that meld into the movie very nicely and so much so that I didn't even notice that they did anything. BUT the ending of the film was really ridiculously bad looking. I don't know if they could have done it another way or just shot it with some trick angles but they should have done something differently. I'm actually slightly stunned in played in theaters with that ending.

All in all however I think this is a film that every single horror fan should have in their collection. It is a very good slasher flick and it is a piece of horror history. Cold Prey is really the first mainstream horror film from Norway and thanks to all the success it has garnered a sequel is already out. Norway is also gearing up for many more horror releases in the future. I say keep them coming!

- Luke Franklin

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