Blindness Review

9 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

Blindness is summed up best with one word. Wow. It is definitely not your traditional horror movie or really a horror film at all. Its an apocalyptic tale about the destruction of mankind as a result of a blindness that sweeps through the human race blinding all in its path.

Based on Nobel Prize winning author Jose Saramango's book it is about a plague that causes everyone to go blind in a city and the chaos that ensues. The movie is co-written by Canadian Don McKellar

The film is without question a very thought provoking character piece which has a very apocalyptic twist to it. In many respects it reminds me of 28 Days Later in its look and feel but its writing and its characters are so much deeper and it is obviously not a zombie movie. Blindness is a film that will appeal to fans of apocalyptic films who are not looking for mindless action but are more interested in the characters within the story and how they survive.

Blindness is a slow paced story that starts from the outbreak and takes you full circle through the destruction of mankind. The film is so well written and so well directed it will scare the hell out of you since you really feel this could happen any second. If you have a phobia of blindness its best you avoid this movie. As much as it is not horror it is most certainly terrifying. Easily one of the best written and directed thrillers in a long time. Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo deliver in a big kind of way in this film which is now on my list of favorite apocalyptic thrillers.

I must again point out that this movie is a character piece. It is very well shot and very real and is definitely by no means gorey or 'scary' in the traditional sense. Do not confuse this with Doomsday which was fantastic in its own right. Blindness is for those of you who appreciate a very thought provoking and dark thriller with apocalyptic angles.

The only close comparison I can make is The Quiet Earth which is another apocalyptic tale which focuses on characters and not so much the action. I also felt that this movie shared alot of similarities with George Romero's work in its emphasis on telling a story and building strong characters although obviously Romero's zombie films are a completely different niche entirely. Overall its definitely a must see if you are the right audience!

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