Alien Raiders Review

7 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: jmh314   

Raw Feed is a company that I used to not have much faith in but has been getting progressively better.  Otis was my favorite film of 2008, I've heard Rest Stop 2 is better the the original crapfest, and it's newly released Alien Raiders looked promising.  So I decided to give Alien Raiders a rental when it was released and I was very pleasantly surprised.  It's story was fairly simply, it's FX were used sparingly but effectivly, and the overall film felt fairly familiar but I still had a good time while watching this film.  Something about it was just fun and upbeat and kept me wanting more.  It may not be for everyone because it seems to be a cross between The Mist and Feast, but if you go in with low expectations I think this is a film that will surprise a lot of people. 

Alien Raiders takes place in a supermarket of Buck Lake, a small country town in Arizona.  The store is getting ready to close when a group of masked robbers locks everyone in the store.  Everyone inside thinks this is a simple robbery but it turns out to be much more than that.

Aaron Ritter is the leader of the robbers and it becomes apparant that they are not their for money.  They are rounding everybody up and one of the robbers known as Spook is putting his hands on people telling Aaron if they are clean or not.  Everything was going according to plan until an undercover cop that was trapped inside kills Spook.  Aaron decides to let the hostages go that were cleared by Spook, but the rest get locked inside.  We soon learn that they are there to try and wipe out a problem that some people in the store may have become "infected" by some sort of alien creature.  Without their Spook their spotter alive and with the cops waiting outside, Aaron and his gang must go to great lenghts to figure out if the hostages are infected and try and stop an alien infestation from spreading outside the store. 

The entire film takes place in a supermarket, which I always think is a fun setting for a film.  Add the fact that there is a possible alien outbreak spreading from inside the store and it really makes the setting quite interesting.  Sure, some parts of the story are familiar and been done before but I think the way it is done is what made this film fun. 

The acting was pretty good as all the characters had their own personalities despite being somewhat cliched at times.  There were a few characters I liked and was rooting for but when things start to head in new directions you wonder what peoples motives are.  The gore and creature FX were used sparingly but were effective in what the film was trying to accomplish.  It's not nearly as in your face with creatures and gore as a film like Feast is, but thats ok because it helps Alein Raiders maintain it's own identity.  The story itself had some interesting concepts, such as the "spotters".  These are people who can see the aliens in people and the reasoning behind why they can is pretty neat. 

Overall, I say give Alien Raiders a watch with low expectations and you might really surprise yourself.  The story takes a few twists but nothing major.  I was able to guess the ending but it didnt take away from my enjoyment of the film.  It has a great setting in this large supermarket, especially once the lights go out and we learn more about the aliens inside.  It's not a film that is going to "wow" people like Feast did when it came out, but for a low budget alien infestation film it was just a lot of fun.  I keep coming back to the word "fun" and thats a good thing.  I dont think there is enough fun in horror films these days and this film was really a refreashing little treat because of that. 

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