Dead and Breakfast Review

8 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

This is yet another film I had the pleasure of viewing for the first time at the Festival of Fear. This was probably the most packed film the whole weekend with standing room only. I was expecting a really great zombie comedy with a ton of gore, which is what I got.

The story in the film is one that all of you have probably heard before. A group of kids in a camper stop for the night in a secluded town after they get lost. They head to the Bed and Breakfast for rooms and discover some unusual characters taking care of the place.

As they settle in one of the care takers is murdered and the kids are forced to stay in town by the sheriff. In a strange turn of events some of the townspeople begin to be turned into zombies. The remaining crew lock themselves into the Bed and Breakfast and defend themselves with make shift weapons while they formulate a plan to rid themselves of the zombies for good.

One of my favorite parts of the movie is the musical narration that flows throughout the entire movie. I have never seen narration done like this in any movie before and this was excellently executed especially the rap that is performed towards the end of the film.

The actors in this film were great. David Carradine is one of my favorite actors held his own in this film, but its too bad he only appeared for a short period of time. I also like Jeremy Sistos performance. You might recognize him from his performance in "Wrong Turn".

The gore in this film is outrageous and there are even a few nods to Evil Dead in the film. Any gorehound will be pleased by the amount of blood shed portrayed. There are chainsaw wielding chicks, heads blown off with shotguns, decaptitations and all sorts of amputation to keep you satisfied.

Ultimately though for this movie to be decent the comedy has got to work. I felt in most parts it does and laughs were abundant but in others I knew where it was going from all the countless trailers I had seen for the film. But overall the laughs are genuine and it really stands on its own feet seperate from "Shaun of the Dead" and other zombie comedies.

Whether you are a fan of the Evil Dead series or just love horror comedies this movie will delight any horror fan. With Anchor Bay releasing this film very shortly it will be readily available to any fan. So run out and scoop yourself up a copy and be ready for some wild and crazy times.

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