Dard Divorce Review

2 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: jmh314   

In a case of "looks can be deceiving", Dard Divorce looks like it may be a fun little torture gorefest.  It's a film I have been following because of Director Olaf Ittenbach who has been known to bring the grue.  I finally got a chance to check out his new film Dard Divorce, and I must say it lives up to its name.  You see, Dard mean "Pain" in Persian and this film was painful to sit through.....and not in a good way either.

Dard Divorce tells the story of Natalie.  Natalie is a mother of two who is going through a bitter divorce with her husband Tim.  Tim is taking the kids on one last weekend because he may lose custody of them and Natalie plans on not allowing him to see the kids if that happens.  Soon after the kids leave for the weekend with Tim, Natalies dog disappeared and is heard yelping in pain in the fields.  Natalie investigates but does not find the dog, however she finds a note reading "dard" written in blood when she gets back in the house.

Natalie calls the poilce but there are no other clues so they dont know what to make of it.  Later that night, Natalies ex husband Tim shows up bleeding.  He says "they" have the kids and he is sorry and dies on her patio.  She goes upstairs to call the police, but when she gets back down and the police arrive, the body is gone with no traces of blood or clues.  Soon after the police leave, she finds herself at the mercy of several torturers who have her kids to find out infomation on her husband "illegal activities".  She doesnt know what Tim was involved in so soon she finds herself struggling to saty alive and find her kids.

Thats the best summary I can give because things get confusing as hell.  There are several different people after Natalie and each one tells her different stories and its confusing as to what is and isnt going on.  To make matters worse, even the ending is hard to figure out.  The reason for this is the music in the film is so loud, it is hard to hear what anyone is saying in the final 15 minutes or so of the finale.  I am still not sure of the exact story because I turned up the volume but still couldnt make out the dialog over the music.

The acting was pretty bad.  None of the characters are likeable and most of them are annoying.  They are basically there because without them there is no story, but since the story is in shambles I guess it only makes sense that the acting was just as bad.  As previously hinted at, the music was also bad because it drowned out a lot of the dialog.  Its one thing to have music, its another to edit it in so loud that you cant make out whats going on.  I was watching a German import DVD so I couldnt even turn on captions because English wasnt an option.   But somehow I dont think it would of mattered much.

The FX are about the only decent thing.  Olaf Ittenbach has a nack for bloddy gruesome violence and this doesnt hold back.  Some of it you can tell the rubber props and such, but it still looked better than some films.  It is over the top so you cant expect it to look extremely great with the context it is shown in.

One thing I will say is unnecessary scenes.  There was about a ten minute scene of a guy fully nude choping up a body and cleaning up the bloody floor.  Nothing but the guy standing naked hacking a body apart with awful music playing.  There are a few other times of unnecessary, drawn out scenes but this one was by far the most unnecessary and really pointless. 

Really other than some blood and decent FX, i really cant find any other redeming qualities in this film.  As stated already, the acting, dialog, music and overall story was just atrocious and hard to follow.  Things were confusing as we kept getting different "versions" of the plot as told by other people and really none of it made sense.  The big "twist" was easily forseeable and really left me feeling like they didnt care about the story of finale and just wanted an excuse to throw around a lot of blood.

Overall, Dard Divorce is a film that really should be skipped.  Unless you want to be utterly confused and sit there scratching your head and fast forwading through long drawn out scenes with no story, then this is for you.  Really the only thing that kept me watching til the end was for the blood and while its good, it's nothing you cant find on any other low budget splatter film.  Dont buy into the hype and do yourself a favor and skip Dard Divorce if you ever see it on the shelves.  You'll thank me for it later.   

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