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9 out of 10 Skulls
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A little over 15 years ago when I was just a young horror hound I discovered Troll 2. Having seen the original film and thinking it wasn't too bad I decided to check out what the sequel was like. I don't remember much about what I thought of the film back then but I was again re-introduced to the film by accident five years ago. For Christmas my father bought me the Troll DVD. It was one of those presents that you get on Christmas day and you scratch you head and ask "What?" I wasn't a huge fan of that first film but I guess it was one movie he knew I didn't have. So I popped that in the DVD player and gave it a whirl. Not bad and the effects definitely stood the test of time.. But on the flip side was Troll 2 and that was pure gold.

I have always been fascinated with the film and have always managed to spread the word about the cinematic trash at every chance I could. This film will literally make your eyes bleed. It is one of those movies that you will never forget. So can you imagine how the cast must feel about it? Then one day I was looking at the IMDB message board for Troll 2 and discovered a bunch of the cast were actually posting on the forums there. They were talking about screenings and all kinds of things that I had no idea were even going on. As it turns out this film is much more liked that I thought. I was always under the impression that I was among one of the few who actually loved this piece of celluloid disaster.

Then came along Michael Stephenson, the child "star" of Troll 2. He had decided it was time for someone to track down some of the folks in the movie and find out what they had been up to and see if they knew what was happening with the film. What unravels in Best Worst Movie is really amazing and to get to see what each of the actors think of the film is often very funny. One of the funniest segments in the doc is the meeting between Stephenson, Hardy and Margo Prey. Wow.. thats all I have to say about that encounter. At moments uncomfortable and then completely hilarious.

To be honest when I first heard that Stephenson was going to be directing the whole thing I was a little worried. I wasn't sure if he even knew how to direct or shoot a film. But I was relieved after finally seeing how it turned out and can now say that he has put together a stellar documentary. The production is top notch and managed to go through all the right venues to get clips from Troll 2 in it as well. The only thing that may have derailed this project just a tad was that it felt like he had so much material and so many stories going at once that it was a little too broad at points.

Most of the documentary in fact focuses on George Hardy. I mean sometimes I was thinking this entire thing could be just about him and it would have been great. The guy comes across as just a small town guy who just so happened to find himself in one of the worst movies ever made. The other aspect of this is that it is a real treat to see him soaking in all the fans admiration. I mean here is this guy, a small town dentist, who has become a kind of cult actor with fans all over. But on the other side of the whole tale is the original director Claudio Fragasso who in a weird way kind of becomes angered during the film. He has this notion that the fans just don't understand the meaning of the film and refers to the actors several times as "dogs". He is essentially the villain.

Overall whether you are a fan of Troll 2 or not this is a very fun and interesting documentary. Even people who don't like Troll 2 can maybe get a sense of why this film is adored by so many people. It won't answer all of your questions buy I think the documentary does an amazing job at showing the infectious nature of the film. Everyone really seems to give their own insights into why they love the film so much. Personally I just love it because it has that something that you really can't explain. It just has "it". Much like Troll 2, I have a feeling that Best Worst Movie will be enbraced by the fans of the film as well. So until Troll 2 Part 2 comes out you can all sit back and enjoy Michael Stephenson's Best Worst Movie.

- Luke Franklin

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