Vinyan Review

3 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

Oh boy is Vinyan BAD! How Bad? Terrible. Shot well with an interesting story and excellent production values its a snooze fest that is about as scary as a box full of smurfs on your porch. The premise goes as such;

Still not having accepted the loss of their son to the 2004 Tsunami disaster, Jeanne and Paul Bellmer have remained in Thailand, hanging on the fact that his body has never been discovered and he may still be alive.

Jeanne is convinced that traffickers have kidnapped him in the confusion that followed the catastrophe, so the couple bribe a mysterious "Mr. Gao" to take them on a boat ride to the pirate-infested coast on the Burmese border. What they discover is beyond their imagination, as they come across a mysterious village on a secluded island and encounter strange children.

Vinyan packs all the elements of a good horror tale. Great cast that can act, an interesting shooting style and a story that is quite unique and could have been terrifying. What do you get? You get a great cast, great production values and an awesome story executed about as good as a saturday morning episode of Barney. Its bad. The movie goes absolutely nowhere fast and was unable to scare me but certainly put me to sleep.

The film is boring beyond belief and lacks any action, emotion, terror or really any feeling at all. It comes across as an art experiment and not entertainment and is easily one of the worst movies from an entertainment stand point that I have seen in a long time. It is that bad.

That said .... the movie does redeem itself in the last 3 minutes when it FINALLY decides to have a plot and go somewhere. The ending was really good and creepy but by no means redeems this movie. If you must see this movie you should rent it and watch the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes. The rest in between is frankly not worth your time. Boring boring boring and then BLAM really interesting ending... and also somewhat creepy. The last 30 seconds were creepy beyond creepy. You may need to netflix it just for the last 5minutes but definitely do not buy it.

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