Black Devil Doll Review

6 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: jmh314   

For what seems like an eternity we have been talking about the upcoming exploitation film Black Devil Doll.  At times it felt the trailer and advertising were too good to be true and this film would continue to be a mystery as to when it would see the light of day.  Fortunately the DVD is slated for release this coming summer and screenings are about to begin.  With that said, I was able to catch the World Premiere just a few hours ago at The New Beverly Theater in California.  Does Black Devil Doll live up to all the hype of being the most controversial film in decades and a return to Blaxploitation?   Yes and No.

On the eve of the execution of a former black panther responsible for numerous deaths and rapes of white women, Heather plays with an Ouija board and his spirit is summoned into a ventriloquist dummy in her home.   Heather soon falls for the doll, but when his urges cant be kept to just one women, he seeks out other young women to carry out his debauchery.  But with a past that involves raping and murdering women he soon finds himself on a rampage in order to feed his needs and truly becomes the Black Devil Doll.

The plot is very basic and can be figured out from the trailer.  An african-american puppet with a foul racist mouth on a sex and killing binge. Thats it.  There isnt anything more that can be said about it but thats what the movie is meant to be.  A simple film that pushes every possibly boundary in ways you never thought films would go anymore.  And it fully fulfills in doing so.  Its as hilarious as it is totally offensive but thats the point.

You dont get an X rating on a film for being tame.  True the film is more softcore porn and offensive humor than horror, but it earns every bit of that X rating.  It is a film that is intended to entertain and offend and it will succeed in both.  If you know what it's about there is a good probability you will have fun with it since its just like the trailer except 75 minutes long and completely uncensored. 

I personally thought the film was a lot of fun but just cant bring myself to rate it any higher.  I mean, it is what it is.  The film is short but still has a few dragging points, is very choppily edited, and felt like a glorified music video with nudity at times.  But that doesnt mean I didnt have fun in the process.  I know its not easy to rate since it is unlike any other movies I have ever rated on here but I just cant bring myself to rate it higher.  Was I entertained?  Hell yeah!  Did it push every boundary possible and then some?  Oh yeah.  Can I justify giving this film anything higher than a 6?  No.   Its raunchy, its lewd, its meant for a fun noholds barred ride and not to be taken seriously.  It achieves all this but thats exactly my point.  It is what it is, no more, no less but I laughed my ass off in the process
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