City of Rott Review

6 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: jmh314   

One thing we dont see a lot of in the horror genre are animated horror films.  Sure there has been some animation in horror but not too many feature length animated zombie films.  City of Rott is just that, an 70+ minute animated zombie film filled with blood, guts, and zombies galore.  City of Rott is brought to us by Frank Sudol, who is solely responsible for this entire production.  He did everything from the screenplay to the animation and even all the voices.  This truly is a one man show and City of Rott is some good mindless fun.

There isnt much story to be told but it revolved around Fred.  Fred is living in Rott City where zombies have completely taken everything over.  He is old and mindless and doesnt care about the zombies.  His sole purpose is to go to the mall and find a new pair of slippers.  As we  all know the mall is a bad place to visit in a zombie infestation and Fred is soon on the move trying to stay alive.  But with old shoes and sore feet Fred doesnt know how he will be able to stay alive.  Armed with his trusty walker, Fred decides to fight back and avoid being another mindless corpse.

The story of City of Rott is basic and nothing too exciting.  Other than Fred we do meet other characters but its usually short lived.  Most of the dialog comes from Fred and his Walker,which he talks to and hears back in his head.  Old and senile is best to describe this.  Despite then lack of story I rather enjoyed the animation.   I have seen other people refer to it as crappy animation but you know its not going to be the quality of TV cartoons when one man is responsible for the entire production.  The animation gives it a down to earth feel and the gore, while sometimes repetitive, is a lot of fun.  The sound FX are simple but work really well to give this a cartoony feel but still keep the film serious enough to enjoy

Overall, City of Rott may not offer much in the way of story and substance but its just good mindless animated zombie fun.  You dont need to pay much attention to anything and can just sit back and enjoy the animated gore and zombie destruction.  You will soon learn that a elderly persons walker can be quite the effective weapon and that you will never be able to run from zombies at that age because you move the same speed they do.  Entertaining ideas to say the least.  So if you are in the mood to just put on a movie that doesnt require much and can provide some mindless fun, I think City of Rott can provide that for most people. If anything, it worth seeing just because every aspect of this was done by one man.  Frank Sudol had an idea and he did everything in order to see that idea through to the end.  For that the films deserves a watch just to see what one mans dedication can lead to
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