The Locals Review

6 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

The Locals is an european movie, or at least I think so based on the accents in the movie. I would guess it was made in England or Ireland. The movie is well shot and is quite unique from the typical zombie movie. Although its billed as a zombie flick I would not at all call it one. Anyrate here is a brief shot at the story:

The story starts as two mates Grant and Paul go out west to go surfing and stay a batch. They travel out into the country and get to an old bridge, where they meet up with two chicks dressed like they are from the 80?s. Anyway the chicks invite Grant and Paul to a party further down the road. But the only catch is that they have to keep up with the chicks in order to find out where the party is. They are speeding down the road when they almost T-bone some speeding locals. Paul drives the car right into a ditch and it is impossible for them to get out.

They ditch the car and starting walking down the road looking for someone to be able to tow them out of the ditch and back onto the road. They come across an old house, when they go to knock on the door they hear screaming and yelling inside. They sneak a peak through a window to see a farmer abusing his wife, they continue to watch as the wife pulls a shotgun on her husband, he grabs the barrel, produces a fishing knife and slits her throat. The boys then make themselves know and scream, they run away and then the fun really begins.

Rather then calling them zombies I would call them Ghosts. Since zombies are dead that come back to life and walk around. These are some sort of duplicates or spirits with physical form, not so much zombies. I suspect the word "zombies" was thrown in to play on the popularity of zombies.

Overall is a fun film that is well shot with pretty good acting. Some of the story drags and some of the scenes could use to be reshot but it definitely does not have your typical look and feel of an indie movie. I would say that zombie fans will be sadly dissapointed if they are looking for a zombie movie in this, but ghost story fans will enjoy this movie.

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