The Voice Inside Review

7 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

If you like completely messed up movies that make you sit back afterwards and make you wonder what the fuck you just saw, this movie is for you. Its a short film that really makes you go "what the fuck"

We all have one... It resides safely within the confines of our minds. It offers guidance in times of need. It only wants to protect us from ourselves... but we ignore it, suppress it, banish it from our thoughts. Well our time of willful disobedience is at an end. There will be only one voice now... You will listen to the voice... You will obey the voice... You will never suppress the voice again.

The best way to identify this movie for you is think the Incredible Hulk where you have an inner monster trying to get out. Only instead of turning into a hulking beast that smashes all things around you, you instead burn yourself on a stove element and "neuter" yourself with a claw hammer.

This movie is well shot and is quite moody in black and white and easily is one of the most fucked up short films I have ever seen. At the end of it I just sat shaking my head wondering if I just had some sort of warped out of body experience or if the Voice Inside had gotten me.

Its well shot, well directed and seriously messed up with some severely graphic scenes and great audio use. Its not my cup of tea but I have to recognize talent, no matter how warped and this movie does have great elements.

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