The Mutant Chronicles Review

6 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

The mutant Chronicles packs a great cast, a wicked story, and an assload of CGI fx that are sure to make those of you who do not like CGI grimace. The Mutant Chronicles for me is the testament of a film that could have been genius, could have been all kinds of awesome... but falls incredibly short. I was literally irritated as I watched the film and the premise unfold and just completely fall to pieces.

The movie packs some great action, and as noted a great cast including Thomas Jane and John Malcovich and unfortunately due to a combination of bad writing and just way to much CGI this movie falls horribly short of a good film.

That said the premise is cool enough that it also prevents the film from being a complete write off. Its a movie that reminds me in a lot of ways of Outlander. Outlander is another scifi film that had a great premise, a great cast, way to much cgi and also fell horribly short. Although the film has some great premises to it the writing is quite poor and the characters are not just cliche their mannerisms are about as real as Paris Hiltons laugh.

I think that Mutant Chronicles fell short of a good budget and it shows and combined with bad editing and less then stellar writing we end up with a miss that could have and should have been a hit. Throughout the movie I kept thinking to myself how this could have been a great film with the right filmmakers and the right budget.

If you liked Outlander and or do not mind a scifi horror flick with gobs of poorly done CGI then you will enjoy this film. Otherwise its likely you should pass on it. It was definitely not my fare. Rather then trying to do Lord of the Rings with limited FX ability they should have toned back the scope, focused on a more personal story and used the cast they had. That way I would have truly enjoyed the film and not felt like I spent 120minutes watching PS3 cut scenes interlaced into a film. As it is this movie is a rent at best but definitely not a buy.

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