Last House on the Left Unrated Review

8 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

Finally got around to watching the unrated cut of Last House on the Left and have to say for a theatrical release its a pretty good flick. Normally as a fan of the horror genre I have to turn to the dvd shelves for a good film that isnt afraid of crossing a few lines. Last House on the Left although by no means the most disturbing movie I have seen is a fun thrill ride with some particular tough scenes, lots of carnage and an outstanding cast of unknowns. Just goes to show Hollywood can still make good horror movies... even when its a remake.

Admittedly when you have watched films like Martyrs and Dead Girl then nothing will ever compare when it comes to insane violence mixed with fantastic story telling but then it is Hollywood. Hollywood directors never want to stray far from a paycheck so keep most their films pretty tame. Last House on the Left is gorey, gruesome and although by no means terrifying definitely had a few 'oh yeah' moments as people got mutilated, tortured, raped, and all kinds of other brutal and sadistic fare. The thing that is most entertaining about this film is how it turns the tables and you get to see the sadistic side of good and evil. I am aware some have probably never seen the film and have no intentions of spoiling it so thats as far as I am going.

Last House on the Left has a great story, and as noted at the start a great cast of unknowns ( or at least unknowns to me ) which makes for a great film. It moves quickly, it has barely a dull moment and although its not Martyrs or Dead Girl its still easily one of the more gruesome horror films to come out of Hollywood. Be warned ladies there is a particularly rough scene involving rape on the unrated dvd that may upset. Overall a good film well worth buying or at the very least renting

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