The Thing Review

10 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

Everyone hales Blade Runner as the best scifi flick ever made and I am going to throw that trophy crown to the remake of The Thing. I saw this movie kind of late in the game when my good buddy MacReady pointed out to me about 7 years ago that I had never watched the remake. The movie is best summed up with WOW.

The movie takes place in the arctic as a group of scientists and workers at an arctic base finds themselves in all kinds of trouble when a symbiotic life form from space decides to make everyone its bitch and mayhem ensues. The special FX in this film are top notch annd to this day hold par with modern special fx which have tended to lean towards more and more CGI. Vincent Guastini who did the FX is a master and more and more filmmakers need to get back to traditional FX work much like Toby Wilkins did recently with Splinter which you should also be checking out.

John Carpenters the THING is now on the short list of films I have given a 10 out of 10 and well deserving of that rating. The film is absolutely genius and its combination of terror and isolation through its environment make it one of the greatest... if not THE greatest scifi horror films ever made. If you do not own it you need to get out and buy a copy immediately.

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