Staunton Hill Review

5 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

Staunton Hill is the new movie by Pittsburgh based director, Cameron Romero. The film is about a group of hikers who unwittingly become involved with the diabolical family Staunton.

Cameron Romero is a great guy and somebody who has been involved in the genre for many years thanks to his father George Romero. Cameron is not just using his fathers name he has a depth of knowledge of the genre which in many aspects is shown in the film Staunton Hill. Unfortunately as much as I like Cameron I did not really find his film Staunton Hill that entertaining.

The film as noted is about a hitch hiking group of friends who stumble on a house whose inhabitants are bent on death and mayhem. The problem is that in an attempt to make the story original they throw in a bunch of different angles to explain the murderous family the goes together poorly and make the overall direction of the film confusing and leaves you feeling incomplete.

I wanted to love Staunton Hill but unfortunately the film left me feeling spent and completely frustrated. It was well shot with a Tobe Hooper look and feel and the acting was quite well done with FX to match. Staunton Hill features easily some of the best special FX in a horror movie with some particularly gorey scenes. This aspect of the film as well as the visual look of the film makes the point strongly that Cameron Romero knows and understands the genre and has alot of skills. Unfortunately a very muddled concept and poor story telling are this films major failures.

Clearly Cameron Romero has alot of skill and although this film missed the mark for me I hope he contineus making genre films as I look forward to watching him evolve as a director and filmmaker. Visually the film as noted impressed me but without a strong and CLEAR concept and story I am just not able to endorse this movie.

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