Syfys Children of the Corn Remake Review

6 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

SyFy is once again putting out a new film and this go around its a remake of Stephen Kings Children of the Corn. Those in the know will realize that there is another remake also being planned by a large studio. Having just watched the SyFy remake I am reporting in with my typical short and to the point reactions. The film is not bad and its also not good it is just ok. I should also add that compared to past SyFy films this remake of Children of The Corn was also better then I expected!

In Children of the Corn, starring Kandyse McClure (Battlestar Galactica) and David Anders (Heroes), a couple on the verge of divorce find themselves marooned in a remote Iowa town, where they confront fanatically religious children who kill everyone over 18 so the community can remain pure.

Right off the bat I have to say that Kandyse McClure is the Halle Berry of our time. She is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Period. Its also a shame that her entire role in this film was the screaming and ranting angered wife, and then the screaming and ranting wife about to be killed be deranged children of teh corn. I enjoy her on Battlestar Gallactica for the eye candy factor and she was DEFINITELY eye candy in this film thanks to a sexy getup but I still wonder.. can she act? It certainly was not displayed in this film.

David Anders does  a pretty good job as our hero as does a few of the child actors that portray the villains. Overall Children of the Corn is what you might expect. a SyFy take on a classic. The production values are low, the story is hollow and at times confusing and the overall film is good for a syfy film but by no means on par with the original. But lets all be honest for a second... did we expect this remake to hold a candle to the original? Of course not. It has moments that are quite good and moments that are truly bad but overall SyFys Children of the Corn is exactly what you would expect a Made for TV remake of a classic horror film.

If you enjoy lower budget made for TV horror flicks check it out when it plays on SyFy

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