Pandorum Review

8 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

District 9 got alot of flack from fans that it was way to wordy and lacked the action that a scifi movie should have. Many felt it was more drama then scifi although I for one thought District 9 was genius.

Pandorum takes all the things you liked about District 9 and just plain does not use them. Pandorum is best described as a mix of Doomsday, 28 Days Later and Event Horizon which combine to make one of the coolest action scifi horror films since Danny Boyles Sunshine.

Admittedly the movie has its flaws first and foremost being Dennis Quaid but even despite his casting and wooden character this film is quite alot of fun. In Pandorum a group of astronauts awaken from hyper sleep with no idea what their mission is but clearly without power or any idea where they are. They quickly discover they are not alone and the 16,000 passengers who came on the unknown space oddysey are either dead.. or worse.

Pandorum uses your typical space horror to drive along the story but despite some cliche moments the film works. It builds a great atmosphere of isolation and when we are first introduced to our adversary its needless to say a bone tingling good time. At times Pandorum reminded me of Alien and at other times Doomsday and when a movie envokes thoughts of other great films that is never bad.

Pandorum is creepy and at times quite intense with a great cast for the most part and a story that borders on great but unfortunately due to some wierd editing and story telling falls a bit apart.

Overall Pandorum is what it is, its a monster movie. Its set in space, it will creep you out and will certainly make you think twice about joining any future space programs. If you liked Aliens I do not see how you would not like Pandorum. My only complaints were it felt a bit PG-13 and the story at times was a bit weak but overall a great flick well worth checking out.

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