Zombieland... Its No Shaun of the Dead Review

9 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

First off my zombie loving friends this review like all my reviews is spoiler free. Zombieland is getting rave reviews from the horror fans that call our community home as well as the staff who write on this site and frankly its well deserved. The film has a very small cast, the focus is on the characters and the story with the writing driving the story not the gore, one liners or peak a boo scares. Although there is plenty of all three.

That said this is no Shaun of the Dead. Where Shaun of the Dead was a flat out zombie comedy that would have you busting a gut Zombieland is more drama then comedy although it does have quite a few great laughs in it.

Who would have known that director Ruben Fleisher who has such credits as having written MTV's reality show Rob & Big and worked on the tragedy of Jimmy Kimmel live could pump out such a great zombie film.

Clearly the draw for this film is the fact that the producers and directors understand the genre and the whole aspect of the '32 Rules of Surviving Zombieland' are rules we all can agree with, chuckle under our breath at and enjoy.

Woody Harrelson delivers as does the rest of the cast of zombieland in what I would say is the first truly great zombie film to come out of hollywood ever. I loved Zach Snyders Dawn of the Daed for its action and its intensity and have seen it over fourty times but Zombieland brings the same intensity mixed with wit, dark humor and yes kids... a romantic angle. Rarely does a mainstream film of any kind offer so many layers much less one about flesh eating zombies. Its a bit high brow at times but its also roll on the floors funny at times... its the kind of movie zombie fans of all ages will love.

If you love Zombie movies you owe it to yourself to go and see Zombieland. Its a dark, witty, comedic movie with zombies! Oh and did I mention it has a cameo that will have you dieing with laughter?

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