Black Devil Doll DVD Review

8 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

After taking the film all over the U.S. and finally getting all the distribution worked out the crew behind Black Devil Doll  finally finished up the DVD. I however was lucky enough to get a very early screener copy of the film a couple months ago and already reviewed the film. If you want to get my actual thoughts on the film itself read my review here. Now for the rest of you who are curious about the DVD and what features will be included read on.

For starters the presentation is very impressive and doesn't look like some of your standard indie film DVDs. The actual packaging features the bad ass poster art which is the way most films should always do it. You open the bad boy up and you got yourself your own little Black Devil Doll poster as well which is a nice little treat as well.

They also did a hell of a job throwing the DVD together with a new animation to introduce the main menu that is simply fantastic. The menu is all top notch with great transitions between the front screen, the chapter selection and the special features. But unfortunately if you have been following this film as closely as I have you don't get much new content to check out.

If, like me, you have followed this film very closely you will have already seen the interview that was done with the Black Devil Doll, the trailers, stills and the clip intro by the Black Devil Doll himself. The new stuff for you to check out includes some new animations, the five commentaries and the New Beverly World Premiere. Of the new stuff the most interesting of everything on the disc for me was the little cartoons. The New Beverly screening was ok but it didn't really feature anything worth checking out.

Of the five DVD commentaries only two of them are really worth listening to. The two best are of the crew and the production. One would think the Black Devil Doll commentary would be fantastic but he was WAY too drunk for it and ended up talking about how drunk he was the whole time. So if you like commentaries save yourself some time and just listen to the crew and production ones.

But lets be honest do most people buy the DVD for all the extras? Hell no. You are going to buy this for the fuckin Black Devil Doll feature and for that alone this DVD is totally worth the cash. They could have released this without any special features and it would have been totally worth every cent so I consider everything else on the disc a bonus. For the sequel I just hope they get some of the behind the scenes hi-jinks on DVD.

- Luke Franklin

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