Carriers Review

9 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

To say i had to look all over hells half acre to score a copy of CARRIERS on DVD would be an understatement. Not only did Paramount bury this movie in the theaters they did a pretty damn good job at making it almost impossible to buy at any retailers. Turns out the 9th store is the charm. Thats right 9 stores later and almost a week later I found a copy. Thank goodness it did not suck.

Carriers is an odd film since its not really a horror film but its also not a straight up drama. Its a film about human tragedy, friendship, family and the agony of surviving in a world where their is nothing to live for.

Carriers is a fantastic film which focuses on the characters and takes a break from many of the typical apocalyptic films like Dawn of the Dead and even Zombieland which were action packed, splashy and over the top. I loved both Dawn of the Dead and Zombieland but Carriers I loved to for bringing a fresh take on the infectious apocalyptic doom genre of filmmaking. The easiest comparison for this film is a more intelligent 28 Days Later. It lacks any intense action and has no big pay day at the end of it but it does draw you in.

It truly is a story of human tragedy and suffering as 2 brothers, a girlfriend and a stranger try to survive an infectious outbreak only to face the hard questions... what do you do when those you love are infected? Truly a fantastic film and a moving one. If you like movies with depth like Blindness then you will enjoy Carriers. Definitely not a true zombie film by any means.

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