I Spit On Your Grave (2010) Review

5 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: jmh314   

What happens when you take one of the most controversial movies of all time and remake it 30+ years later in a time where there are very few boundries left in movies that havent been crossed?  That is exactly the question that I was asking myself when I walked into I Spit On Your Grave, a remake of the exploitation rape-revenge from the late 70's.  Back when the original came out, it was controversial due to the graphic gang rape depicted in the film, something that was beyond taboo in it's day.  In 2010, this film comes out five years after the term torture porn came to fruition and honestly that seems to be moniker this film tries to live up to.  I Spit On Your Grave remake is nothing more then taking the edgy ideas of the original and throwing in enough torture and gore to make it "acceptable" to today's audience.

I Spit on Your Grave's story for the most part sticks close to the original.  Novelist Jennifer Hills rents a cabin in the remote countryside to have a little peace and quiet while she works on her next book. After getting lost, she has an unpleasant run in at a gas station with Johnny and his buddies Stanley and Andy.  After later making it to the cabin, Johhny's mentally cchallenged friend Matthew fixes some broken plumbing for Jennifer.  After finding out Jennifer kissed  Matthew, Johnny has a plan for him and his friends to get Matthew to lose his virginity.

Johnny and the guys decide to break into the cabin and attack Jennifer.  When Andy lets his guard down Jennifer is able to escape and runs into Sheriff Storch.  When he brings her back to the cabin she soon finds out the Sheriff is working with Johnny and the others and the five guys rape and beat Jennifer.  After it's all over, they go to killJennifer so she cant tell anyone but she jumps off a bridge into a river.  When the guys cant find her body over the next month, they think it's all over but unfortunately they are dead wrong. 

It's the same formula as the original: girl gets beaten & raped, guys believe girl is dead, girl comes back for revenge.  However, the problem with the remake is that instead of being a revenge film it turns into a torture film. Jennifer hunts each guy down and finds ways to tie them up and torture them in ways that she feels vengeful towards things they did or said to her.  The problem with the torture is to me I felt like it was there because thats considered the "standard" for shocking films these days.  The original version was controversial because of it's nature for the day, but nowadays there really are no bounds.  While some of the torture is well executed, its also stuff that has been done before. It brought nothing new to the table other then the fact that it was trying to be "edgy" with ideas that have been seen in other films. The torture is really nothing new and the way I could tell is the only time anyone walked out of my theater was during the rape scene and not during the torture.

Other then some well done FX in the last 15 to 20 minutes, the rest of the film is really nothing memorable.  The acting isnt very good but when the main actress has very little experience and the main villain has made a career out of over-acted soap opera roles, you cant blame them for having uncompelling roles.  The rape scene seemed to last a little too long and after that there is a long drawn out section following the guys the next month before Jennifer comes back for revenge.

To me when the credits began to role when it was all over, all I could think was "Why?!?".  The reason the original I Spit on Your Grave turned into a cult classic was because of the controversy due to the rape scenes.  The re-make really doesnt have anything new working for it other then recycling the ideas that are no longer as taboo as thirty years ago.  Combine that with the fact that there is very little left to do to "raise the bar" in the horror or exploitation film world, I Spit on Your Grave is nothing more then another "torture porn" film, one that actually lives up to the overused term because of the long graphic rape scene.

If you have seen the original film,I would say steer clear of the remake unless you are interested in the last 15 to 20 minutes of fairly well done torture.  Even with that, you can wait for this to hit the DVD market, give it a cheap rental, and fast forward to the end because the first hour and a half or so really gives you nothing that the original doesnt.  

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