Dead Noon (2007) Review

1 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: TerrorCorner   

Demons, skeletons, gun slingers and zombies abound as an old west outlaw rises from the grave in the modern west seeking revenge.

You'd think that with all that being offered, this would be a pretty decent movie.  Well, I hate to disappoint you, but this movie is pretty much a stagecoach wreck.  I have a pretty simple rule when watching movies: "Once you sit down to watch it- you watch it to the end!"

Well, sad to say, I had to break that rule with this particular movie.

The premise sounds cool in a Sam Raimi "Evil Dead" sort of way, and offers ample opportunities for both humour and scares.  Unfortunately, this movie some short of fulfilling that potential.  The camera work, trying to be cool, edgy and interesting comes off as trying too hard, and the story drags a fair bit before it get to anything interesting. 

The acting was lynch worthy and over the top- which isn't bad in B-Movies, but with everything else, it was just a turn off.  Elizabeth Mouton, however looks good as Louise.

I was hoping to have an enjoyable B-Movie Night, with this movie- beer, pizza, friends, and some laughs.  Unfortunately, we didn't have laughs with this movie... and the beer couldn't drink the pain of it away...

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