SGL Entertainment Teams with the Streaming Service Fandor for 14 Classic Films
Written by Chris Savage, August 31, 2015
The worldwide media company SGL Entertainment, spearheaded by Jeffrey A. Swanson, is pretty much taking the world by storm. They’re constantly distributing independent horror films as well as delving into the world of music, and now it appears as if they have scored a deal with the online streaming service Fandor. Head on down below

SGL Entertainment Becomes ‘Infected’ by an ‘Insane’ Killer Clown
Written by Chris Savage, August 22, 2015
The folks over at SGL Entertainment have just announced that they will be unleashing Massimiliano Cerchi’s latest flick, Insane, onto Blu-ray, DVD, Cable TV, VOD and in limited theatres nationwide in 2016. But until that date, we have your first look at Insane and the announcement that the new industrial metal band Infected, will be providing their

Pinup Dolls On Ice Scores Distribution With 108 Media
Written by Chris Savage, August 20, 2015
It’s happening, guys. It’s finally happening! Geoff Klein and Melissa Mira’s Pinup Dolls On Ice is one step closer to being released and I can’t freakin’ wait! So, let’s get straight to it. According to the folks over at Screen Daily, 108 Media has picked up US distribution rights along with world sales rights to Pinup

Joe Dante-Produced ‘Dark’ Makes its World Premiere at the Oldenburg
Written by Chris Savage, August 19, 2015
It’s been a little while since we last had an update for you guys in regards to the Joe Dante-produced flick Dark, but it appears as if the light is beginning to shine as we have a new update for you, specifically regarding the world premiere of the film. Read on for all the details

First Official Poster for The Asylum’s Martian Land
Written by Chris Savage, August 18, 2015
First off, this poster for Scott Wheeler’s Martian Land, from The Asylum, looks freakin’ cool! I urge you to check it out below, but then comes the synopsis which quickly extinguishes my excitement, but who knows, maybe this one will be firing on all cylinders? The film stars Alan Pietruszewski (ZERO DARK THIRTY), Lane Townsend (AGE OF TOMORROW), Jennifer

First Details for Scott Schirmer’s Evil Clown Movie ‘The Bad Man’
Written by Chris Savage, August 17, 2015
For me, personally, Scott Schirmer has already proved his worth as a director that we should really be keeping our eyes upon thanks to his previous flick Found. It was an awesome movie in my opinion and I’ve just been waiting ever so patiently to see what he will be directing next. As it turns out,

Exclusive: Bianca Allaine Talks Zombinatrix & More
Written by Chris Savage, August 15, 2015
Earlier this month we received word in regards to Michael Kyne and Bianca Allaine’s first feature project Zombinatrix, a film that simply screams awesome, straight from the title. So, I just had to learn more, and graciously Bianca agreed to answer a few questions about the film which you can view below. If you’re a fan of

Official Trailer & Poster for Pod
Written by Chris Savage, August 14, 2015
From Mickey Keating comes his latest flick, Pod, via Vertical Entertainment this August 28th in theatres as well as digital. So, make your way below for the official trailer and poster and take a peek at something sinister lurking in the basement. Synopsis: After receiving a troubling voicemail, estranged siblings Ed and Lyla travel to their isolated family lake

Blood Punch Hits DVD This September
Written by Chris Savage, August 13, 2015
Madellaine Paxson’s Blood Punch has been taking the festival circuit by storm, picking up all kinds of awards and accolades, and now it appears the flick will soon be making it into your home as the film is set for a DVD release this September 1st. Head on down below and check out all the

New Poster & Trailer for Zoë Bell’s Creature Feature Freshwater
Written by Chris Savage, August 11, 2015
Is it ever safe to go back in the water? I think not. When it’s not sharks or giant jellyfish, it’s freakin’ crocodiles just waiting to feast on your flesh. Why is it so hard to do a little skinny dipping? Well, that’s life I guess. So, back in 2014, we gave you guys the first

First Photos from Terrordactyl
Written by Chris Savage, August 11, 2015
Now that Jurassic World has come and gone, I’m betting that many of you are suffering some dinosaur withdrawal symptoms, but fear not, we have you covered. We have just got word via our good friend Avery, that a new dino film is on the horizon which is entitled Terrordactyl, and we have a slew

Exclusive: Zach Green of Fatal Pictures Talks Heir & Much More
Written by Chris Savage, August 8, 2015
Last month we finally gave you guys the teaser trailer for Richard Powell’s latest short horror film Heir, a film which is produced by Fatal Pictures. So, I was pretty stoked by said teaser and managed to get a hold of one of the producers, Zach Green, and he kindly agreed to answer some questions regarding the

Zombinatrix Rises from the Grave for Whips and Brains!
Written by Chris Savage, August 7, 2015
I am a huge fan of Frank Henenlotter’s Frankenhooker, and it finally looks as if we may be getting a film verging on the same lines. From husband and wife team Bianca and Michael Kyne, comes a new zombie flick with an S&M twist, this is Zombinatrix and she’s just a simple gal into whips and

Reminiscence: The Beginning Hits German Theatres This December
Written by Chris Savage, August 6, 2015
As you are fully aware, we don’t just cater to our Canadian readers, we cater to the U.S., the UK, practically every country, and today we have something for our readers from Germany. The folks over at SGL Entertainment have just announced that they signed a six figure deal with Universum Studio in Germany for the

House Shark Takes Home Invasion to a Whole New Level
Written by Chris Savage, August 5, 2015
So, here I was minding my own business, just about to pop on Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, and this great big white shark comes bursting up through my freakin’ floorboards! I mean, c’mon! I’ve got sharks in the sky, tornadoes, sand, snow and now in my own home! Give us a break, man. But who am I

First Trailer Falls from the ‘Cherry Tree’
Written by Chris Savage, August 5, 2015
From David Keating, who gave us Wake Wood, comes his latest foray into horror with Cherry Tree, a film that looks to add a touch of Gothic eeriness, and we have finally scored the teaser trailer for your viewing pleasure below. At this time we have no word on a release date, although the film

[Horror Short] A ‘Strange Thing’ Lurks In Your Living Room
Written by Chris Savage, August 3, 2015
Are you guys after a quick fix of horror? Well, we have your back as we have scored Alrik Bursell’s horror short Strange Thing, in all its gooey entirety below. Trust me, this one is a great little slice of horror which I think many of you will love.  Give it a watch below and let us

Slasher House Opens Its Doors for a Sequel
Written by Chris Savage, August 3, 2015
MJ Dixon is back once again with yet another horror film and this time it’s a follow up to his first endeavor Slasher House. The doors have been opened once more and a new group of serial killers are waiting for you, but will you enter? I say, go for it! So, make your way below

Strange Nature Runs Amok In This Official Trailer
Written by Chris Savage, August 3, 2015
What we have for you guys today is Jim Ojala’s latest flick which focuses on the real life frog deformity outbreaks which became widespread throughout the U.S., while adding a little extra horror. So, make your way below and check out the first teaser trailer and let us know what you think of this one so far? The

Zombie with a Shotgun Movie Poster First Look
Written by Herner Klenthur, August 3, 2015
The mini series Zombie with A Shotgun is getting a big upgrade in the form of a feature film. The web series creator announced today the official trailer for the mini series which was featured on vimeo. There is no details on when the film will be released or by who but it will follow