New Photos from the Australian Creature Feature ‘Red Billabong’
Written by Chris Savage, January 8, 2016
Back in September of 2015, we unleashed the first official teaser trailer and poster for Luke Sparke’s Australian creature feature Red Billabong. Since that time it appears that all involved have been extremely busy in putting the film together, and one obstacle was integrating a fully CGI character into the film, which of course takes time. But

First Look at Danielle Harris’ ‘Inoperable’
Written by Chris Savage, January 7, 2016
We have just received word of Danielle Harris’ (Halloween, Hatchet) latest flick Inoperable, a film which deals with malevolent forces which are trapped inside a hospital, and it’s a race against time to escape or be trapped for eternity. So, do you guys want to know more? Head on down below for the first details as

New Official Poster & Stills from ‘Axeman II: Overkill’
Written by Chris Savage, January 6, 2016
It’s been a good eight/nine months since we last had an update for you in regards to Joston Theney’s Axeman II: Overkill, but in that time it appears as if the cast and crew have been extremely busy as the film is coming together and nearly all the pieces are in place, so much so that

First Look at Richard Chandler’s ‘Witch Hunt’
Written by Chris Savage, January 4, 2016
Well, first and foremost, Happy New Year! It’s 2016, and that means a whole new year of brand new horror projects for you guys to get excited about, and today, we have our first look at Richard Chandler’s upcoming short horror flick Witch Hunt. The film definitely has my attention, what about you? Make your

(UPDATE) Step Into ‘The Violent Dark’ With the First Poster
Written by Chris Savage, January 4, 2016
MJ Dixon (Slasher House) is back with even more horror for us fiends and his next project takes place in a school where some bizarre and unprecedented events take place. Teachers and students are disappearing with some even committing suicide, something isn’t right with Bronzewell Private School, care to find out why? Below we have some very early information for The Violent

Stream Unlimited Horror with SGL Entertainment’s ‘The Killer Movie Channel’
Written by Chris Savage, December 28, 2015
Streaming video content has never been bigger or better than it is today, with the accessibility of many platforms offering you instant content to watch when ever you please. But, I think we need some more horror to be available to stream, and that is where SGL Entertainment’s latest platform The Killer Movie Channel comes into

First Official Trailer for ‘Lilin’s Brood’
Written by Chris Savage, December 22, 2015
We have just received word of a new found footage flick and it comes from Mansa Mojo Brothas, which is entitled Lilin’s Brood, and we have scored the official trailer, poster (do you see what I see?) and all the details you need in regards to checking this one out. That is if found footage is

‘Zombie Croc’ Takes a Bite Out of DVD This February
Written by Chris Savage, December 17, 2015
This past October we received word of Robert Elkins’ (Zombie Isle, Flesh of the Living) latest flick Zombie Croc, a film which features voodoo, flesh eating zombies and the resurrection of an ancient beast, it’s all going down for the hunter known as ‘Crocodile Jack’ and soon you can witness the mayhem on DVD. Zombie Croc

Official NSFW Trailer for ‘The Mildew from Planet Xonader’
Written by Chris Savage, December 17, 2015
Did you guys get the chance to witness Neil Meschino’s Mold? It was filled with all types of ooze and gore and very much in the same vein of films like Street Trash. But, it appears as if there has been a slight re-working of that film as Neil Meschino and Giulio De Santi of Necrostorm, have teamed

Official Teaser Trailer & Photos from Clowntown
Written by Chris Savage, December 16, 2015
Back in July of this year we ushered in the first details and your first look at Tom Nagel’s Clowntown via a slew of photos. Since then, it has been suspiciously quiet. My only guess is that the psychopaths were shopping for their clown outfits for a night of festivities, and as such the official teaser

[Horror Short] This Christmas Share the Gore with Gigi Saul Guerrero’s ‘A Luchagore Christmas’
Written by Chris Savage, December 15, 2015
Christmas is definitely the time of giving, being merry and just simply having a great time, but as a horror fan, Christmas can become quite a chore. Thankfully, Gigi Saul Guerrero and her team Luchagore Productions are here with a little horror-filled festive treat in the form of their short A Luchagore Christmas. This sucker

Exclusive: Marc Hamill Talks ‘The Wrong Floor’
Written by Chris Savage, December 9, 2015
You guys may remember, last month we gave you your first look at Marc Hamill’s latest flick The Wrong Floor, a film which looks set to be all kinds of crazy. So, we had the opportunity to reach out to the director to try and get a better understanding of the film, and yes, it’s

[Trailer] Revenge Cuts Deep in ‘Survival Knife’
Written by Chris Savage, December 7, 2015
Okay, the title of Wild Eye Releasing’s latest release Survival Knife, isn’t exactly something that shouts out “intriguing,” but the trailer definitely has interested for more. Basically, if you like revenge horror, then I’m pretty sure Survival Knife will be something for you, either way check out the trailer below and make up your own

Exclusive: New Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Pandie Suicide’s ‘Massacre’
Written by Chris Savage, December 5, 2015
Earlier this week we received word of Pandie Suicide’s (Pandie James) debut novel Seraphim Song, a novel that has created quite the following since it has only been available since mid-November. But, that’s not all. Pandie’s short film Massacre is coming together rather nicely, which recently premiered in Los Angeles, and as such, courtesy of Pandie Suicide, we

‘Brave New Jersey’ Explores the ‘War of the Worlds’ Radio Hoax
Written by Chris Savage, December 3, 2015
Am I right in thinking that no-one has ever made a movie regarding the War of the Worlds radio hoax? Surely someone has, haven’t they? Well, apparently not, but it appears as if that is being rectified as Jody Lambert is bringing one of the most infamous hoax’s to the big-screen via Brave New Jersey, and

Exclusive: A Trio of Photos from ‘Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter’
Written by Chris Savage, December 3, 2015
We recently got the chance to speak with the star of Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, Tracey Birdsall, and that was an absolute blast, and now we have been provided with three exclusive photos from the upcoming film. Rogue Warrior is said to depict the overthrow of humanity by Artificial Intelligence, which is expected to be released

Exclusive: Tracey Birdsall Talks ‘Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter
Written by Chris Savage, December 3, 2015
We recently learned that Neil Johnson’s latest flick is entitled Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, a film which is a kind of mix of Mad Max meets Star Wars and as such, it has us super excited. So, I was lucky enough to get the chance to ask the star of the film Tracey Birdsall a few questions

[Trailer] Denmark ‘Encounters’ Their First Found Footage Horror Film
Written by Chris Savage, December 1, 2015
We have a very intriguing found footage flick for you, and yes, I know it might be hard to believe as the whole sub-genre has become entirely saturated, but what makes this one intriguing is that it doesn’t give away exactly what it is. Is it supernatural? Is it extraterrestrial? Or is it something entirely

[Trailer] ‘Tsunambee’ Brings the End of the World
Written by Chris Savage, December 1, 2015
Well, it was nice knowing you guys but it appears as if the end of days are upon us. That is unless you can find a couple of hundred cans of bug spray to wipe out the incoming swarm of freakin’ death with wings! Yep, brace yourself, it’s a Tsunambee, and we have your first look

Horror Vixen Pandie Suicide Releases Her Debut Novel ‘Seraphim Song’
Written by Chris Savage, November 29, 2015
Pandie Suicide (Pandie James) has certainly made a name for herself, she’s pretty much done it all, from modelling to acting to writing and even music journalism, Pandie is the real deal. One of her projects that has got the horror world talking is her horror short Massacre, a film that she wrote and also