‘The Ice Cream Truck’ Arrives This August
Written by Chris Savage, July 4, 2017
How are you dealing with this heat? It’s a killer, isn’t it? Well, how about several scoops of some delicious ice cream to cool you down? If so, we have something for you but, there’s a catch it may just cost you your life. Meh, it’s ice cream! Making its way to theatres and VOD

SGL Entertainment Experiences Some ‘Engine Trouble’
Written by Chris Savage, July 3, 2017
Breaking down in the middle of nowhere absolutely sucks! But luckily SGL Entertainment have you covered with the re-release of Marc Ickx’s Engine Trouble (Junior), and it’s presented in glorious high-definition for the very first time! So, even if you do have some crazy locals just waiting to tear up your flesh, at least you’ll be entertained. From

Castle Films to Unleash Chris Alexander’s ‘Blood Dynasty’
Written by Chris Savage, June 29, 2017
Christopher Alexander, the former magazine editor of Fangoria and current film critic of ComingSoon.net is gearing up for the release of his latest flick Blood Dynasty, and we can reveal that the newly formed distribution company Castle Films, will be unleashing the film exclusively on various streaming platforms this October 31st, and we’re pretty hyped for this

[NSFW Trailer] ‘Flesh of the Void’ is ‘Begotten’ for a New Generation
Written by Chris Savage, June 27, 2017
E. Elias Merhige’s 1990 experimental flick, Begotten, is still a film that is etched deep in my mind and I don’t think I’ve actually recovered from that one. Although, it certainly is quite the talking piece. But, that was then and this is now. From Sodom & Chimera Productions comes James Quinn’s venture into experimental horror with

Official Red Band Trailer for ‘American Guinea Pig: Song of Solomon’
Written by Chris Savage, June 25, 2017
What’s that I hear? You want gore? Well, you’ve got it and you’ve got it by the bucket load! From Stephen Biro, the founder and twisted mastermind of Unearthed Films is continuing his work with the American Guinea Pig franchise by unleashing yet more brutality in the form of American Guinea Pig: Song of Solomon,

The Official Trailer Has Arrived for ‘Lake of Shadows: The Legend of Avocado Lake’
Written by Chris Savage, June 25, 2017
It has been the better part of a year since we last had an update for you in regards to Michael S. Rodriguez’s creature feature, Lake of Shadows: The Legend of Avocado Lake. But in that time it appears as if the cast and crew have been busy as an official trailer has just been unleashed and we

[Trailer] First Look at ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Snuff’
Written by Chris Savage, June 22, 2017
From Indican Pictures comes The Butcher Bros.’ latest film, A Beginner’s Guide to Snuff. The film is said to be a blend of comedy and horror and below we have for you the first official trailer and artwork. Check out the goods below and if this is something for you, look for the film for a limited

Official Trailer, Poster and More for Lorcan Finnegan’s ‘Without Name’
Written by Chris Savage, June 20, 2017
We have just received word that Lorcan Finnegan’s Without Name is now available on various VOD platforms via Global Digital Releasing, and we have the official trailer, poster and a slew of clips so you can get an idea what the film is about. From the Press Release: Global Digital Releasing recently announced the North American

New Official Artwork Has Arrived for ‘Island Zero’
Written by Chris Savage, June 20, 2017
Back in December of last year we ushered in the first official trailer for Josh Gerritsen’s highly intriguing flick Island Zero, and since then we’ve been waiting ever patiently for more. While we don’t have anymore footage for you, we do have some brand new artwork that you can check out below. Also, if you missed

First Look at ‘The Brain That Wouldn’t Die’ Remake
Written by Chris Savage, June 20, 2017
It appears as if a remake of Joseph Green’s The Brain That Wouldn’t Die is on the horizon and this one comes from director Derek Carl and writer Hank Huffman. The remake recently had a successful Kickstarter run where they managed to raise a whopping $70,599! The film is said to be a satirical take on the

‘FredHeads’ Follows the Fans of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’
Written by Chris Savage, June 19, 2017
While we may never get that Elm Street prequel although a slew of fans have giving us some excellent fan films in the past, and speaking of the fans, we have something for you which turns its attention to you, the fans of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Venn Pictures (Don’t Fall Asleep) have recently announced

Village Life Can be Murder – First Look at ‘The Book Club’
Written by Chris Savage, June 17, 2017
We have just received word that Jamie McKeller is taking the deep plunge and is looking to create his first feature film. McKeller has produced a slew of short films in the past six years that he has been active, but now he is looking to take his idea to the next stage. His feature film

First Official Trailer for Julius Ramsay’s ‘Midnighters’
Written by Chris Savage, June 17, 2017
Julius Ramsay (“The Walking Dead”) will be making his feature debut with the upcoming suspense thriller, Midnighters, and we can reveal that the film will be making its debut at the LA Film Festival on Monday, June 19th at 9:35 PM at the ArcLight Culver City. And to give you guys a little preview, we have

A Serial Killer is Unleashed in Jared Cohn’s ‘Death Pool’
Written by Chris Savage, June 6, 2017
From MTI Home Video comes the release of Jared Cohn’s Death Pool, a film which is based upon true events and we can reveal that Death Pool will hit DVD and various VOD platforms this June 20th. Check out the official trailer, artwork and details below and let us know if you;ll be keeping an eye

‘Peelers’ Hits Blu-ray & DVD This July
Written by Chris Savage, June 5, 2017
From Sevé Schelenz (Skew) comes his latest film Peelers and soon you’ll get to witness all the mayhem on Blu-ray and DVD as Uncork’d Entertainment is unleashing the film this July 4th. Check out all the details below including the slew of extras featured on the various formats. From the Press Release: From Sevé Schelenz, director of

New Official Artwork for ‘The Gracefield Incident’
Written by Chris Savage, June 5, 2017
It has been a long time since we’ve had an update for you in regards to Mathieu Ratthe’s The Gracefield Incident, and looking back it has been over a year. But in that time it appears as if everything has come together as not only have we got some new artwork for you, courtesy of their

[Trailer] Uncork’d Entertainment Unleashes a ‘Gremlin’ This July
Written by Chris Savage, June 3, 2017
Anyone ever play the game “Pass the Parcel”? Well, we have one for you but with a twist, it comes from Ryan Bellgardt’s (Army of Frankenstein) and it’s simply titled Gremlin. Basically it’s a box which houses a mysterious deadly creature, but the only way to be rid of it is to pass it off to

‘Sharknado 5’ will “Make America Bait Again” – New Teaser Artwork & Details
Written by Chris Savage, June 2, 2017
Somehow Syfy’s the Sharknado franchise is still churning out movies and if this is something that appeals to you then all the more power to you. So, if you’re looking forward to the fifth installment, you’ll be pleased to know that some new details and artwork have surfaced courtesy of Deadline and the fifth film has

TV Series ‘Law of Perdition’ Sees the Dead Return to Solve Their Murders
Written by Chris Savage, June 1, 2017
We have just received word that SGL Entertainment and Potent Media have just unleashed the chilling new TV series Law of Perdition onto Amazon Prime, and it sounds as if many of you will dig this. The series is said to be a cross between Law and Order and The Twilight Zone, and we have all

[Trailer] Something Has Arrived in ‘Fighting the Sky’
Written by Chris Savage, May 31, 2017
From Conrad Faraj comes his latest flick Fighting the Sky, a film which looks set to be an alien invasion flick, but instead of all guns blazing, it is taking a clam approaching, much like Arrival, that is until everything when awry. So, will this be a peaceful invasion or is there something completely different at