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It’s Bigger Than Big… It’s Megafoot! And It Needs Your Help
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 53 days ago.
Over the past few years we have seen many Sasquatch films come and go, but none have been as intriguing as Megafoot. A part cyborg, part Bigfoot monster, and it’s just yearning for you to get involved and help create one of the most original and unique films in quite sometime. It looks awesome (just [...]

A New Evil is Born in ‘Utero’
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 54 days ago.
Who ever says originality is dead is a liar. Originality is alive and well, it’s just buried deep and we do our best to dig out the best for you. However, if you have arachnophobia, this latest indie gem might keep you up at night. From  Bryan Coyne, comes his latest flick Utero, which stars [...]

First Look at the Creature Feature ‘The Expedition’
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 54 days ago.
The Amazon. To this day many parts still remain a mystery, and Adam Spinks’ latest movie The Expedition, looks to venture deep into the jungle for rare species. But perhaps they have just awakened something that was never meant to be found? Thanks to Undead Backbrain, we have the first details for you and a little [...]

First Poster & Photos from Phantasmagoria
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 54 days ago.
First off, this one isn’t to be confused with the Marilyn Manson movie of the same name. Instead, this one comes from Domiziano Cristopharo, Mickael Abbate, and Tiziano Martella, who each give us a terrifying tale in Phantasmagoria. Below you can check out the first poster and a few photos from the upcoming film. The film stars Alberto [...]

Take a Journey Through Time with New Anthology Film ‘Solitude’
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 55 days ago.
The horror genre has such a vast history that I don’t think any other genre can match. Throughout history we have seen different styles of horror film, and each decade has either catapulted or created something new, and Taylor Scott Olson and Livingston Oden’s Solitude, will take us back through time and unleash an intriguing anthology. [...]

The ‘Field Freak’ is Unleashed in New Official Poster
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 59 days ago.
Last year we got word of a little flick entitled Field Freak, which could involve rabid beavers or perhaps something much more sinister? While the creature(s) is question is still to be revealed, we have scored a new official poster which gives us a little tease. The film stars Dave Juehring, Trena Penson, Glenn Harston, Thomas [...]

Witness the End of the World in Final: The Rapture
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 59 days ago.
What we have for you guys today is a little indie film which lays witness to the rapture, and if some of these critics are right in saying, Final: The Rapture, will be the “scariest Christian movie ever.” But is it? Well, I’m going to let you guys be the judge as I can’t say [...]

First Details & Trailer for Evil Rising
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 60 days ago.
I’m not sure where many of you stand with paranormal investigator films such as Grave Encounters and the like, but some I find thoroughly enjoyable and others, well, not so much. So, where will the upcoming European horror flick Evil Rising stand? Well, we have scored the first details and trailer thanks to our good [...]

Take a Trip to ‘Happy Camp’ with This Official Trailer
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 60 days ago.
Found footage is still very much alive and well, and if their is a new story to tell then why the hell not. So, below we have scored the first details and trailer for Happy Camp, courtesy of the folks over at Deadline. The film is directed by Josh Anthony, who makes his directorial debut. [...]

Anchor Bay Unlocks the House of Dust
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 60 days ago.
You guys ready for some new home video news? If so, make your way below as we have scored all the details you need for Anchor Bay’s House of Dust, which hits DVD this May 20th. From the Press Release: Redding House Asylum. For some, it’s a distant reminder of a time when medical treatment [...]

Official Trailer for the Zombie Pirates!
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 60 days ago.
Just last month we gave you guys the first details for Steve Sessions’ Zombie Pirates, and I have to say that the poster art was pretty badass. Today however, we have scored the official trailer and well, I’m not sure what to think. Is this so bad it’s good? Or just simply bad? Check out the trailer [...]

First Details for the Darkness On The Edge Of Town
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 60 days ago.
We here are always on the look out for something new for you guys to get your teeth sunk into, and today we have something which I think will interest many of you. Thanks to our good friend Avery, for the heads up, we have scored the first details and a brief teaser trailer for [...]

First Official Clip Emerges from the Dead Sea
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 60 days ago.
Making its way to DVD this April 15th is Brandon Slagle’s upcoming flick Dead Sea, and I’m pretty stoked for this sucker. So, with that date still a few months away, we have scored the first clip from the film which plays like a tease. The film stars Alexis Iacono, Britt Griffith, Jw Wiseman, Devanny Pinn, James [...]

Stink of Flesh Released on Collectors VHS
Posted by Goon | Posted 62 days ago.
If you have been following this site for a couple years than you should know that one of the indie films that gets talked about a lot on this site is Scott Philips Stink of Flesh. It was an ambitious little indie zombie flick with a ton of heart. If you haven’t seen it yet [...]

Camilla Carr Joins Don’t Look In the Basement 2
Posted by Goon | Posted 62 days ago.
Today director Anthony Brownrigg and RDM Productions announced that Camilla Carr will be returning for the sequel. Ms. Carr appeared in the 1973 original Don’t Look in the Basement in the role of “Harriet”. This time she will be portraying “Emily”, the clinic’s administrator. Principle photography of the sequel will begin at the end of March, [...]

Official Artwork & Details for Death Do Us Part
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 67 days ago.
From our friends over at Anchor Bay Entertainment, comes their latest flick Death Do Us Part, which is directed by Nicholas Humphries. And even if the plot details may give some of the film away I’m still highly intrigued by this sucker, so check out the details and lets hear what you make of this one? [...]

New Official Trailer for Epic Pictures’ Nymph
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 67 days ago.
So, you guys scared of sharks? Well, forget them, they’re yesterdays fear. Today its all about killer mermaids. Beautiful on the outside but freakin’ deadly on the inside, and they are out for your flesh! Okay, perhaps not your flesh, but they’re out to put an end to your life! Below we have scored the [...]

[Review] Jennifer Campbell’s Bruised
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 68 days ago.
In this day and age, we are unfortunately inundated with remakes, but it’s nothing new. Remakes have been a part of the genre since as far back as I can remember, but with so many remakes in such a short period of time I often hear people questioning, “Where’s the originality? Where’s the creativity?” It [...]

Halloween Film ‘Honeyspider’ Unleashes a Treat with Awesome New Poster
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 69 days ago.
We all love Halloween, right? Better yet, we all love Halloween themed movies, and what we have for you today has me grinning from ear to ear. Below we have scored the first details and the first poster, which looks freakin’ awesome, for Josh Hasty’s Honeyspider. The film stars Mariah Brown, Frank Aard, Joan Schuermeyer, Rachel [...]

Grand Piano Movie Review
Posted by Flay Otters | Posted 71 days ago.
The nail-biting tension of a thriller will only go so far as the premise on which it is built. In some cases the setup is just too much to comprehend as plausible (see Untraceable) and any and all tension just feels fake and ultimately silly. A good portion of the time, however, the framing of [...]

Circus of the Dead Goes Retro with Two New Posters
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 73 days ago.
We have have been closely following Billy Pon’s latest flick, Circus of the Dead, and I’ve been hooked by its premise and imagery ever since. And with the film scheduled for a release in the Spring of 2014, we have scored two new badass retro posters for the film and you can check them out [...]

Official Poster for Love in the Time of Monsters
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 73 days ago.
With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I’m pretty sure many of you are in the mood for some lovin’. Then again, who needs love when you’ve got horror burning through your veins 24/7! Still, we all need a little love sometimes, and today we can unleash the first details, poster and music video for Love in [...]

New Official Poster for Chimères
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 74 days ago.
We here have had our eyes firmly on Olivier Beguin’s latest horror flick Chimères, since we first got word of the film many years ago. At that time we had a little teaser trailer (see below) which totally blew me away, I loved it. So, fast forward to today and the director of the film, Olivier, [...]

Indie Horror Icons Unite for 3 THIRTY THR33: Volume II
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 74 days ago.
At this point in time, details are still very incredible slim in regards to Brody Barcode’s latest flick 3 THIRTY THR33: Volume II. However, while details about the film may be slim, details about the cast are not, and this sucker is filled to the brim with some of the best talent rocking the indie horror scene [...]

Official Trailer for Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 74 days ago.
Any Sinbad fans here? Okay, it’s not really horror, but it falls within the realm due to the fantasy and monster aspects. And to be fair, Shahin Sean Solimon’s Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage looks promising, even if it appears to be slightly cheesy in parts. With the film set to hit limited theatres this February 7th, [...]

New Official Red Band Trailer for Zombies of the Living Dead
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 74 days ago.
From Christian Ackerman comes his latest flick, Zombies of the Living Dead and I have to say, I’m not instantly sold on this sucker. But, to give you guys a little taste, we have scored the official red band trailer thanks to our good friend Avery, who gave us the heads up. Synopsis: Zombies attack a the [...]