SGL Entertainment Will Unleash ‘The Listing’ on Home Video Next Year
Written by Chris Savage, August 8, 2017
The folks over at SGL Entertainment have just informed us that The Listing, which is written and directed by Mario Cerrito III will be making its way to the US and Canada net year on home video and a variety of VOD platforms. The film also stars a favorite around these parts and that is

[Trailer] ‘Clowntergeist’ Invades VOD This September
Written by Chris Savage, August 5, 2017
What with Andrés Muschietti’s adaptation of Stephen King’s It hitting theatres this September 8th, it seems fitting that we should have even more creepy clowns hitting our screens, and High Octane Pictures may just have the one for you. The film in question is Clowntergeist, and has been described as It meets Poltergeist, check out the

SRS Cinema Delves into Todd Sheets’ Early Work with ‘Sheets of Gore’
Written by Chris Savage, August 5, 2017
If you love gore, then you’re probably quite familiar with the work of one Todd Sheets. The dude made a slew of films that were shot-on-video in the 90s, and each one was filled to the brim with the red stuff, with such films as Zombie Bloodbath and Violent New Breed, that helped satisfy that lust

Brace Yourselves for ‘The Spanish Chainsaw Massacre’
Written by Chris Savage, August 4, 2017
Nobody expects the Spanish inqui… Leatherface? Yeah, we aren’t quite sure what’s going on either. While Spain may not have a Texas, that doesn’t mean they can’t have a massacre, so head on down below and check out the gore-filled trailer for Manolito Motosierra’s 2013 flick The Spanish Chainsaw Massacre, and look for this one soon from

This New ‘The Ice Cream Truck’ Poster Delivers Scoops of Death
Written by Chris Savage, August 3, 2017
It’s hard to believe that there are so few ice cream-themed horror movies out there. Of course there is Paul Norman’s Ice Cream Man which starred the ever awesome Clint Howard, and Mack Hail’s Mr. Ice Cream Man, but it just feels as if there should be more. Thankfully, we do have another one on the

The Documentary ‘To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story’ Drops a Poster
Written by Chris Savage, August 2, 2017
You’ve seen him in a slew of films, most notably as Jason in the Friday the 13th franchise, where he has hacked and slice his way through a slew of teens, but behind the mask lies a man who has overcome torment, bullying and a near-death accident. This is To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story,

First Details for the Joe Dante-Produced ‘Camp Cold Brook’
Written by Chris Savage, August 2, 2017
We have just received word that Andy Palmer’s Camp Cold Brook, which is produced by Joe Dante, Warner Davis of Petri Entertainment, Mark Alan of Renfield Productions, and Jason Van Eman and Ross Marroso of Weathervane Productions, has began to cast up and we can reveal that Chad Michael Murray (House of Wax, TV’s One Tree Hill) and Danielle Harris

[Trailer] Dan Sheldon’s ‘Fate’ Hits VOD This August
Written by Chris Savage, July 26, 2017
A new time travel movie is on the horizon which is set to unlock the secrets of time travel but, I’m pretty the flux capacitor is the be all, end all of time travel, unless there is a better way? Well, Dan Sheldon’s Fate will reveal a new breed of time machine and below we have the

[Trailer] Loose Cannon Films’ ‘Charismata’ Will Make You Face Your Demons
Written by Chris Savage, July 22, 2017
From Loose Canon Films comes Andy Collier and Toor Mian’s highly intriguing horror film, Charismata, and below we have for you the first official trailer and it’s visually striking, I think many of you will dig this one. Anyway, check out all the details and more below and let us know if this is something you’ll

Exclusive: New Official Stills from Adam R Steigert’s Werewolf Flick ‘Fang’
Written by Chris Savage, July 21, 2017
Are you guys ready for the weekend? Looking for something to really stick your teeth into? Well, we have just the thing, that is unless Melantha Blackthorne gets her teeth into you first! Below we have some brand-spanking exclusive stills from Adam R. Steigert’s highly anticipated werewolf film, Fang, and you can check out all

Uncork’d Entertainment Unleashes ‘Alien: Reign of Man’ This August
Written by Chris Savage, July 21, 2017
After finally moving into a new home, I’m back! Believe me, if ANYONE ever says that “moving is easy”, give ’em a gentle kick in the nether regions for me. It was painful but, it’s done, internet is back for now and we have some new horror titles on the horizon for you. First up

Midnight Releasing Will Have You Screaming ‘WTF!’
Written by Chris Savage, July 7, 2017
From Midnight Releasing comes Peter Herro’s debut feature film, WTF!, and we can reveal that the film, will hit Cable VOD and Digital HD this August 1st. Below we have the new trailer and artwork for you to feast your eyes upon as well as all the details you need. Check it out and let us

‘The Night Shift’ Invades ‘Family Video’ Stores This Month
Written by Chris Savage, July 6, 2017
From Massimiliano Cerchi comes one of his latest flicks, The Night Shift [REVIEW]. And when I say one of his latest, it’s because he is working on about half a dozen as we speak! So, anyway, SGL Entertainment will be handling this one and they have just announced that the film will be available on Family Video stores

The Official Trailer for Gregory Lamberson’s ‘Johnny Gruesome’ Has Arrived
Written by Chris Savage, July 5, 2017
Well, here it is. The official trailer for Gregory Lamberson’s Johnny Gruesome, which is based upon  the award-winning novel of the same name has arrived and we have it for you below. If you were a fan of the novel, I think you’re gonna love this. Check it out below and let us know what you

‘The Ice Cream Truck’ Arrives This August
Written by Chris Savage, July 4, 2017
How are you dealing with this heat? It’s a killer, isn’t it? Well, how about several scoops of some delicious ice cream to cool you down? If so, we have something for you but, there’s a catch it may just cost you your life. Meh, it’s ice cream! Making its way to theatres and VOD

SGL Entertainment Experiences Some ‘Engine Trouble’
Written by Chris Savage, July 3, 2017
Breaking down in the middle of nowhere absolutely sucks! But luckily SGL Entertainment have you covered with the re-release of Marc Ickx’s Engine Trouble (Junior), and it’s presented in glorious high-definition for the very first time! So, even if you do have some crazy locals just waiting to tear up your flesh, at least you’ll be entertained. From

Castle Films to Unleash Chris Alexander’s ‘Blood Dynasty’
Written by Chris Savage, June 29, 2017
Christopher Alexander, the former magazine editor of Fangoria and current film critic of ComingSoon.net is gearing up for the release of his latest flick Blood Dynasty, and we can reveal that the newly formed distribution company Castle Films, will be unleashing the film exclusively on various streaming platforms this October 31st, and we’re pretty hyped for this

[NSFW Trailer] ‘Flesh of the Void’ is ‘Begotten’ for a New Generation
Written by Chris Savage, June 27, 2017
E. Elias Merhige’s 1990 experimental flick, Begotten, is still a film that is etched deep in my mind and I don’t think I’ve actually recovered from that one. Although, it certainly is quite the talking piece. But, that was then and this is now. From Sodom & Chimera Productions comes James Quinn’s venture into experimental horror with

Official Red Band Trailer for ‘American Guinea Pig: Song of Solomon’
Written by Chris Savage, June 25, 2017
What’s that I hear? You want gore? Well, you’ve got it and you’ve got it by the bucket load! From Stephen Biro, the founder and twisted mastermind of Unearthed Films is continuing his work with the American Guinea Pig franchise by unleashing yet more brutality in the form of American Guinea Pig: Song of Solomon,

The Official Trailer Has Arrived for ‘Lake of Shadows: The Legend of Avocado Lake’
Written by Chris Savage, June 25, 2017
It has been the better part of a year since we last had an update for you in regards to Michael S. Rodriguez’s creature feature, Lake of Shadows: The Legend of Avocado Lake. But in that time it appears as if the cast and crew have been busy as an official trailer has just been unleashed and we