Exclusive: Jack Ketchum & Lucky McKee’s New Movie

Brad Slaton

Jack Ketchum spilled the goods with me on his latest project in a recent episode of my regular podcast called The Picking Brains

The author broke the news with me that he and Lucky McKee are indeed at work on a new venture together.

They have just finished another book together titled “I’m Not Sam” to be released by Cemetery Dance,  In addition to this they are also adapting it into a screenplay.

No details about the plot have been released but with these two involved it is sure to delight horror fans. Jack Ketchum is not only a legendary writer but his films have been some of the most well received horror films.

From The Girl Next Door to The Lost and most recently The Woman Jack Ketchum has built quite a pedigree of horror films that fans love. What makes Jack Ketchum so popular and his films so poignant is the fact that he mixes intense brutality with outstanding writing proving that ‘torture porn’ is just a slogan made up be mainstream press to drive up readership.

There are films out there that focus entirely on gore and lack any sort of substance but Jack Ketchum and Lucky McGee have done a fantastic job at bringing his violent and visceral books to film and maintaining the disturbing visuals while carefully wrapping them in the powerful storytelling that Jack Ketchum is known best for.

What are your favorite Jack Ketchum films?


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