The ABCs of Death 2

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The ABCs of Death 2
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The ABCs of Death 2
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Established directors and some of the world’s most gifted emerging talent will make up the diverse roster of creative filmmakers that will showcase twenty-six tales of mortality, beginning with the letter A and ending with the letter Z.

This will be a celebration of death in all its forms. From the shocking and exotic through to the banal and droll. The spectrum of cause will run from the accidental through to murder most foul. It is up to each director to interpret the letter (word) they are assigned.

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The ABCs of Death 2 Hits Home Video This February

I’m still pretty damn stoked to check this one out, but at the same time I am highly skeptical due to many of you disliking this one. So, is it as bad as some say? I really liked the first installment, so if it’s anything like that I will be happy, and if you too [...]

Two New Clips from The ABCs of Death 2

Have you guys checked out The ABCs of Death 2 yet? I’m still waiting for this one to hit the UK, unless it’s already here? In any event, we have scored a couple of new clips for you guys to check out, just on the off chance that you haven’t witnessed this sucker, so check [...]

ABC’s of Death 2 Movie Review (Fantastic Fest 2014)

Much like with the V/H/S series, it would be a fool’s errand to try to compare (on the whole) the first ABC’s of Death film to the newest ideration. Primarily because you have a whole new batch of directors tackling the framework and the behind the scenes folks having had the experience of making the [...]

Brace Yourselves – It’s the Extreme Red Band Trailer for The ABCs of Death 2

Oh my. What the heck did I just watch?! This is awesome! well, it is if you like things a little twisted, and relentlessly brutal! But, did I just see a giant penis give some chick a kiss? Well, you will find that and much more in the depraved red band trailer for The ABCs [...]

The ABCs of Death 2 Hits Theatres This Halloween

Now this is how you celebrate Halloween! We have just learned that the upcoming anthology The ABCs of Death 2 is scheduled to hit limited theatres this October 31st. But for those of you who like to view films from the comfort of your home can witness this one on VOD this October 2nd. The [...]

Official Poster for The ABCs of Death 2

I know many disliked The ABCs of Death, but for me I loved it for the most part. Sure some of the segments maybe shouldn’t have made it, but on the whole it was a diverse and fun movie, so I’m stoked for the sequel. Talking about the sequel, below we have scored the official [...]

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