Alyssa: Portrait of a Teen Killer

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Alyssa: Portrait of a Teen Killer
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Alyssa: Portrait of a Teen Killer
Release Date: Tue, Sep 23 2014
Release: DVD Release
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Told through a blend of found footage, documentary style, first-person and classical cinematography, the film is the inspired-by-true-story of Alyssa Bustamante, the 15 year old girl accused of stabbing, strangling, and slicing the throat of her 9 year old neighbor in what news and court case described as a ‘thrill killing.’

The film which has left festival crowds “haunted” and “shaken” and hailed by critics as a “Brutal, heartbreaking masterpiece…” shocker “My Name Is ‘A’ By Anonymous” recently completed its festival run coveting numerous awards including “Best Art House Film” at the Pollygrind Film Festival. Wild Eye will release the complete, uncensored version this fall.

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