Annabelle (2014)

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Annabelle (2014)
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Annabelle (2014)
Release Date: Tue, Jan 13 2015
Release: DVD Release
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A couple begins to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists.

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Annabelle Hits Blu-ray & DVD This January

So, what did you guys make of Annabelle? Is it worth a watch? I missed this one when it hit theatres and instead decided to wait for its home video release, and speaking of which, we have all the details regarding when this one will be making its way to Blu-ray and DVD. From the [...]

Annabelle (2014) Movie Review

It is tricky to put your finger on exactly what doesn’t work, on the whole, with John R. Leonetti’s Annabelle because it isn’t one glaring issue. It isn’t the whole of the script, it isn’t the actors themselves, it isn’t the art direction (which is amazing) or the look of the film – it just kind [...]

‘Annabelle’ Unleashes a Trio of Clips

Well guys, are you stoked for Annabelle? No? How about a clip to entice you? Well, we’re gonna go two better as we have scored three new clips for you guys to check out below, and as always let us know if you’ll be checking this one out? Annabelle is directed by John R. Leonetti [...]

May God Have Mercy on This Annabelle TV Spot

Annabelle is nearing ever closer with each passing day, and to ensure that you guys don’t forget about her, we have scored a brand new TV spot for you guys to check out below. Also, be sure to let us know if you will be checking this one out? Annabelle is directed by John R. [...]

Annabelle Unleashes a New TV Spot

Oh that pesky little doll. She’s already up to no good, and to give you guys a taste of what’s to come, a new TV spot has made its way online and we have that sucker for you guys to check out below, but will you be watching this October? Annabelle is directed by John [...]

Official Trailer for ‘Annabelle’ Inside

Here we go, the official trailer for Annabelle has arrived and it looks okay. I’ not a big fan of this style, but heck it could be good. So, why don’t you head on down below and check it out and then let us know what you make of it? Annabelle is directed by John [...]

New Official Photo from Annabelle Inside

We recently learned that Annabelle would be hitting theatres this October 3rd, but will you guys be heading out to witness this one in theatres? If so, you may want to get another glimpse at the creepy doll as we have scored a brand new photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Annabelle is directed by John R. [...]

The First Real Teaser Trailer for ‘Annabelle’ is Here

Yesterday we saw that bizarre little four second trailer that made was more perplexing than exciting, thankfully Warner Bros. decided to follow that up with an actual trailer. Below we’ve got the first full-length teaser trailer for “The Conjuring” spinoff “Annabelle.” That’s right, full-length, not four seconds.  Check it out below, it looks rather promising. [...]

[Video] Sneak Peek Look at Annabelle

Okay guys. When I say sneak peek, what I actually mean is, blink and you’ll miss it. It’s only about three seconds in length, but its something at least ans it means that the film is on the horizon. So, did you miss her? The film is directed by John R. Leonetti and is written by Gary [...]

Annabelle Officially Coming in October

While fans of “The Conjuring” will have to wait till October 2015 for a proper sequel, they might have one film to hold them over this year.  Warner Bros and New Line have officially announced that the “Annabelle” spinoff movie will release this year. If you saw “The Conjuring”, you might remember the Annabelle doll [...]

“Annabelle” Spin-Off Begins Production and Adds New Cast Member

When I saw “The Conjuring”, I never would have expected the story of Annabelle to take off like it did.  To me, she was an interesting little scare, but I could never have envisioned a whole movie being based around her.  And yet, here we are with production on the spin-off film starting this week. [...]

First Casting News for The Conjuring Spin-off ‘Annabelle’

You guys all know how well The Conjuring did, it just exploded when it hit theatres. Of course, many like it and equally many dislike it, but when there is money to be made expect more from what looks set to be a new franchise. So, it was recently announced that Annabelle, a spin-off to [...]

Warner Bros & New Line Actually Developing Three ‘The Conjuring’ Spin-Offs!?

As you all know, The Conjuring basically dominated the box-office and the result was that the film became one of the highest grossing horror movies of all time, which is pretty damn awesome. Now I know many of you disliked the film, but that hasn’t stopped the powers that be developing a sequel. Also, we [...]

The Conjuring to Spawn a Spin-Off that Focuses on Annabelle?

Well, we all know how well The Conjuring turned out at the box-office, even if some of you weren’t too keen on the film itself. So, with talk of a sequel on the horizon, it appears we may be seeing even more as the creepy doll, Annabelle, appears to be getting a movie all of [...]

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