Antisocial 2

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Antisocial 2
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Antisocial 2
Release Date: Thu, Jul 30 2015
Release: In Development
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Genre: ,
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Years after having her newborn child stolen from her, Sam searches a world infested with infected users from the Social Redroom website. After befriending a young girl named Bean, Sam is captured and locked in a facility dedicated to finding a cure for the Redroom Virus.

Trapped and tortured, Sam tries to escape the facility before an impending update on the Redroom site hits 100% and unleashed its final phase of attack.

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Antisocial 2 Movie Review

After “Antisocial” made its world premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival in 2013, it was only logical that its sequel, “Antisocial 2”, made another world premiere at the same festival. However, contrary to its predecessor, the follow-up film failed to impress and entertain me. “Antisocial 2” takes place a few months after the events [...]

Official Trailer and Poster from Antisocial 2

How many of you guys got to witness Cody Calahan’s Antisocial? I thought it was a fun flick, but if you haven’t seen it yet then I suggest you change that as the sequel is on the horizon and we have scored the official trailer as well as the official poster. Check them out below and [...]

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