Army of Darkness 2

Army of Darkness 2
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Army of Darkness 2
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For years Sam Raimi has been teasing his fans by announcing that Army of  Darkness 2 is in the works. Now finally we can confirm it is happening and Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi are involved.

Because this is still very much early stages no casting or synopsis is known outside of Bruce Campbell.

Army of Darkness 2 is very much just a project in the planning at this point. Sam Raimi has confirmed that he is writing it and Bruce Campbell has confirmed he will star.

The Latest Army of Darkness 2 News

Ash vs. Evil Dead Trailer: Bruce, Lucy and Sam Talk Release Date!

We got a chance to catch up with Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless and Sam Raimi to hear their take on why they think this installation of our favorite chainsaw-handed hero taking on the “Deadites” will be the best story yet. And it’s not a stretch to say that this is by far the most incredible [...]

Army of Darkness 2 Will Happen, Here is Why

Over the last few weeks it has been a see-saw of activity as various players involved with Army of Darkness 2 come out and drop not so subtle hints that it is coming. The problem is that as soon as somebody says it’s happening there is  a twist in the story usually from Bruce Campbell [...]

Army of Darkness 2 Not Happening

The internet is full of “misinformation”, as Bruce Campbell has recently come out and dispelled a couple of rumors about a possible sequel to one of the most beloved horror films of all time, Army of Darkness. A couple of days ago the internet almost blew up when it was announced that Sam Raimi would [...]

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2 Lives Again!

Despite rumors earlier in the week that Evil Dead 2 was dead and that the writers had left the project it seems it is very much alive. Earlier in the week Ryan ran the news that Fede Alvarez and his writing partner had abandoned the project. In  a recent interview with Gorosito.TV Fede revealed; Look, [...]

Sam Raimi Confirmed to Direct Army of Darkness 2?

Here we go again guys, you ready for some more Army of Darkness 2 news? Who am I kidding, of course you’re! Recently it was announced that Bruce Campbell will be returning for the new Army of Darkness film, and now, word has come that the master of the Evil Dead could be returning to [...]

Bruce Campbell Confirms ‘Army of Darkness 2’ Will Happen!

Nearly a month ago we received word via Fede Alvarez, that Sam Raimi was finally moving his focus towards Army of Darkness II, and of course we were all waiting for some sort of confirmation. While Sam Raimi has officially come forward to say that the film IS his next priority, someone else who we [...]

Sam Raimi Is Currently Writing the Army of Darkness II

With the remake of the Evil Dead now done and dusted, all eyes are on Sam Raimi, Fede Alvarez and Bruce Campbell, as we look to see where they are going to take us next. Will it be a sequel to the remake or another sequel to the original franchise or just something entirely different? [...]

Fede Alvarez on the Evil Dead Sequel

I don’t know about you guys, but the Evil Dead remake is a day one purchase for me, I just think it’s freakin’ bad-ass! But unfortunately I need to wait for the UK release. Lucky for you guys in the States, you can pick up your copy today! So, get on it if you haven’t [...]

Army of Darkness Sequel Tied to Evil Dead Remake

Earlier in the month we told you that Sam Raimi and his brother are working on a sequel to Army of Darkness and now it seems that has been shaken up quite a bit with news from Wondercon. Fede Alvarez the director of the Evil Dead remake told audiences at Wondercon ( with Bruce Campbell [...]

Bruce Campbell Talks Army of Darkness Sequel!

Earlier this month, Sam Raimi announced his intent to resume script work on Evil Dead IV with his brother Ivan in the summer. Prior to the SXSW premiere of the new Evil Dead remake, director Fede Alvarez told the audience that a sequel to his remake is already being written. Just days ago it has [...]

Sam Raimi Announces Evil Dead 4!

With the Evil Dead remake just around the corner now, I’m pretty sure many of you are wondering if we will ever get to witness a fourth Evil Dead film. As over the years we have heard countless rumors with some suggesting the film will happen and others saying no. So, will Sam Raimi ever [...]

Unauthorized Evil Dead 4 Gets Canned

You guys may remember some news a while back about an unauthorized Evil Dead 4 sequel entitled Evil Dead 4: Consequences. The film was set to be produced via Award Pictures but was soon issued a lawsuit by Sam Raimi and that was the last we heard. Today, however we have learned that Sam Raimi has prevailed in [...]

Sam Raimi Sues Over Evil Dead 4 Rights

This one is looking ugly, and the said part is, its probably us fans that will get the short end of the stick when all this is said and done. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Renaissance Pictures, formed in 1979 by producer-director Sam Raimi, producer Robert Tapert and actor-producer Bruce Campbell for the first Evil Dead film. Now they are [...]

Official Evil Dead 4 Announcement

We have been talking about it all week and now the studio has officially emailed me saying yep. Evil Dead 4 is a go. The new news is that Diablo Cody ( Juno, Jennifers Body ) is involved in this project! Sam Raimi and original producing partners Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell (who also starred [...]

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