Berkshire County

Berkshire County
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Berkshire County
Release Date: Wed, Jun 03 2015
Release: Theatrical Release
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Kylie, a teen who is coerced into a sexual encounter at a party by a popular boy (Aaron Chartrand), whose friends send video of it across social media. Her self-confidence in shreds, and her reputation in tatters, she is in chronic victim mode when she reluctantly agrees to a desperate plea by a couple in a secluded castle-like mansion to babysit their two children on Halloween.

Alone in the country, she is a prime target when she begins receiving prank phone calls, and a boy wearing a pig’s head makes a suspiciously-late trick-or-treat call. What follows is a game of cat-and-mouse between Kylie and a surprisingly sophisticated gang of butchering hicks. It is a test of will that requires her to stand up and take charge if she and the children in her care are to survive the night.

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If you thought women in horror was simply a chick running around helpless half exposed, you’d be so wrong. Women are at the forefront of horror. Over the past few years many female directors have unleashed some awesome horror goodness to whet our appetite’s, and many of them have come from Canada, much like Jessica Cameron. [...]

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