The Berzerk Death Dealer

The Berzerk Death Dealer
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The Berzerk Death Dealer
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Release: In Development
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Young Alejandro is one bad-ass dude. As number one assassin for the Demon Clan, he’s got 99,999 heads to prove it. He can smoke a joint in one puff, drain a bottle in one gulp, and talk trash better than anyone. And when he gets going, his blades sing, his fists fly, and his enemies’ heads explode.

His demonic master, Basilisk, has plans for Alejandro — but everything changes when Alejandro discovers his humanity and spares the life of a young mother. Now Basilisk is out to destroy Alejandro, with the help of a new protégé — Amon, a ruthless assassin formed from the souls of 1,000 serial killers…

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First Look at The Berzerk Death Dealer – Plus Exclusive Interview

If you guys are looking for something a little out there, a bit off the beaten track and as far away from the mainstream as possible, we have your back. From Vishal Rajput of Planet Boom Boom Pictures comes his insane feature The Berzerk Death Dealer, and we have scored a first look with a [...]

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