Beverly Hills Lizard People

Beverly Hills Lizard People
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Beverly Hills Lizard People
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Disturbed from their ancient slumber by the excavation of a cross-town subway, the ancient reptilian masters of a faded empire strike out to reclaim what was once theirs: Beverly Hills.

Ground zero for their invasion? A once popular, though now faded, hotel, currently the site of a reality TV cooking show competition, and directly overhead of their secret city. Can the collection of unlikely contestants — ambitious, backstabbing, and determined — stop the shape-shifting Terrors From Below below before the reptilian ravagers achieve their goal of conquering first Beverly Hills and then the world?

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The ‘Beverly Hills Lizard People’ Will Show Their True Form in 2017

Lizard people? An election for a new president? Surely it’s not a coincidence is it? Ha! What do I know, I’m from across the other side of the pond, but it does appear as if some form of lizard people are set to rise from the murky depths soon, as we’ve received word of Cthulhu Crush [...]

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