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A coulrophobic college student has a severe clown-induced panic attack and almost dies from an overdose of anxiety medication.

She decides to face her fears by going to a carnival with her friends, unaware that the murderous clown who caused her condition runs it and intends on killing everyone unless she can kill him first.

The Latest Carnieville News

Official Trailer for CarnieVille

The first trailer for Victor Mathieu’s film CarnieVille has been released. I have always loved horror films that take place at carnivals or a funhouse. They are always a lot of fun and this one looks like it could be interesting. The film stars Brett Rickaby (The Crazies,Bereavement), Victor Miller (Friday the 13th) and Jeremy Jackson (“Baywatch”). [...]

New Poster & Photos From Carnieville

We’ve mentioned Victor Mathieu’s upcoming flick Carnieville, a few times around these parts, and while the teaser trailer isn’t all that hot at-least these brand new photos from the upcoming film have a bit of the mayhem on offer for us. Check them out below along with the brand new one-sheet. The film stars Brett Rickaby (The [...]

First Photos From CarnieVille

Afraid of clowns? Then you may want to skip this one or confront it once and for all. Here we have our first look at Victor Mathieu’s CarnieVille via some photos courtesy of B-D and also check out the trailer again below. The film stars Brett Rickaby (The Crazies, Bereavement), Victor Miller (Friday the 13th) and Jeremy [...]

Carnieville Teaser Trailer. Afraid of Clowns?

Stephen Kings IT still scares me to this day and I have a soft spot as a result for horror movies featuring clowns. The folks behind Carnieville just emailed me the teaser trailer for their new film and I dig it. It doesnt show much but for a teaser it works. Watch and sound off. [...]

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